Top Tourist Attractions in Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia
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Top Tourist Attractions in Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Australia’s crowning construction achievement is known as Elizabeth Quay. Elizabeth Quay is the result of a proposal to make Perth’s downtown area more appealing to residents and visitors alike.

In reality, at about $2.6 billion AUD, it is one of Perth’s most illustrious construction projects. All eyes can now be on this finished project.

The cultural district of Elizabeth Quay is among the best in the city. More than that, it pulls the city as a whole closer to the river, making for a wide variety of entertaining and restful riverside pursuits. Many people from all around the country and the world travel to this destination.

Everything a major city could possibly want is here. There’s the spectacular Elizabeth Quay Bridge, a fun aquatic playground, and some fantastic buildings. The beauty of this location can only be fully appreciated by actually being there.

Attractions in Elizabeth Quay

The following is a list of the top activities and attractions that can be found in Elizabeth Quay. Take a peek!

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BHP Water Park

The BHP Water Park is the first stop on our tour. Located on William Street, this is directly across from the Esplanade Rail Station. Elizabeth Quay may be accessed for the first time from BHP water park.

Thus, come to our water park and enjoy yourself. Enjoy a family barbecue while relaxing on the amphitheater deck. The sheer awe that this 470-square-foot wonder inspires is beyond words. Prior to entering the Elizabeth quay attractions, you must first visit this area.

Time to visit: morning and afternoon (summer)

Barrack Street Jetty

For many years, Barrack Street Jetty has been regarded as one of Perth’s top tourist destinations. So they gutted it and rebuilt it beneath the Elizabeth Quay shopping and entertainment district.

The famous bell tower, a breathtaking river tour, and a smorgasbord of restaurants and cafes await your arrival. One of the most prominent features of Elizabeth Quay is the Barrack Street Jetty. It’s a fantastic venue for parties, gatherings, and unwinding.

Time to visit: morning and evening (summer)

The Island

A suspension bridge that is 20 meters in the air links the island to Quay. Across there lies the stunningly gorgeous Barrack Street Jetty. The Island is the island’s crowning attraction. The views of the river and cityscape are spectacular.

The Isle of Voyage, a top-notch café that welcomes kids, can be found on the island as well. There’s nothing not to like about hanging out in and around the man-made playground here. The Bessie Rischbieth bronze statue can also be found here.

Time to visit: (summer time)

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The Promenades

People from all over can walk the one-kilometer loop of the Promenade. The trees provide constant cover, making this an ideal spot for guests to kick back and unwind. Artwork can be found everywhere throughout the Promenades.

The towering metal artwork First Encounter by Laurel Nannup adds a touch of class to the space.

This piece of art tells the story of how Europeans arrived in and made their home in Perth. The bell tower on the eastern promenade is yet another point of interest along the Promenade.

Time to visit: summer time

The Landing

The Landing is Elizabeth Quay’s most prestigious public space. It hosts some of the top concerts in the country and a wide variety of athletic events. Not to mention, it kicks off either some really great Spanda artwork.

Beautiful vistas of the inlet and the landmark bridge may be seen from the docking area.

Time to visit: summer time

The Inlet

Perth’s city and river are joined by the inlet. One could even say that it serves as Elizabeth Quay’s nerve center. If you are one of these recreational boaters, you may grab a quick bite here or stock up on provisions to ensure you won’t go hungry until you cross the river.

Visitors can also access South Perth’s best sights from the Inlet.

Time to visit: summer time

Chevron Gardens

If you want to see the entire rock and roll show, Chevron Gardens is where you need to be. They also schedule weekly music performances. Listen to some of the local music heroes and have a great time. So, if you’re staying near Elizabeth Quay, be sure to visit the gardens for the celebrations!

Time to visit: summer time