Kansas State of USA: 5 Tourist Attractions and Things to Do
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Kansas State of USA: 5 Tourist Attractions and Things to Do

Kansas is the 15th largest state by total area, and its history is heavily rooted in the agricultural industry. This may be seen in the seemingly endless maize and wheat fields, as well as the tallgrass grasslands, which remain one of the state’s top tourist draws.

Kansas is the ideal vacation spot for adventurers and thrill seekers who also appreciate the arts and culture. The Evel Knievel Museum and the Kansas Speedway are great places to visit if you want to get a taste of what it’s like to be a daredevil.

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Botanica, The Wichita Gardens

Relax and take in the fresh scent of the sunflowers. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Wichita, Kansas, is the Botanica at the Wichita Gardens.

Before it opened in 1987, this site was the site of four aesthetically pleasing gardens. The Wichita Area Garden Council and the city government of Wichita created it and are responsible for its ongoing maintenance. Because of this, the term “flourishing” began to be used in a different context.

After that, it accelerated and expanded by a factor of several orders of magnitude. Because of this, Botanica has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kansas and now occupies a prime 17.6-acre plot.

If you’re ever in Kansas, you must visit the Wichita Gardens. They are always spotless, and their many interesting displays are sure to captivate any guest.

Shakespeare Garden, Downing Children’s Garden, Chinese Garden of Friendship, and Woodland Bird Garden are just a few of the gardens in this region.

Because of the abundance of open space and possibilities for family bonding, this is an excellent destination. Discovering the many species of Kansas’ flora and fauna is a great way to bond while also expanding your knowledge of botany.

The Botanica is available for visits 365 days a year. In contrast, seasonal differences mean that some months require more time in the office than others. There is a consistent 9-5 daily schedule for the garden all year long.

The appropriate entrance ages are split down as follows: Children under the age of three go in free, while adults pay $9, seniors and military personnel pay $8, and children aged 3-12 pay $6. Tickets for large groups should be purchased in accordance with the website’s instructions, and it’s important to remember to take advantage of the many available discounts.

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

A lot of people don’t realize how important Kansas was to the birth of the space program. If you want answers to your space-related questions, the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is the place to go. Located in Hutchinson, this attraction is a favorite with Kansans of all ages.

The Kansas Cosmosphere is a scientific museum that aims to entertain and educate its guests of all ages. You will have the opportunity to view genuine artifacts and objects brought back from outer space.

In the display rooms, guests can see spacesuits, moon rocks, and a Liberty Bell that was refurbished as part of the Mercury 7 space mission.

The simulator gives users a feel for what it’s like to blast out in a space shuttle. You can also watch documentaries about space in a special dome theatre. If you want to see a performance while you’re there, check the schedule before you go.

Sedgwick County Zoo

One of the most visited places in all of Kansas is the Sedgwick County Zoo, which is located in the city of Wichita. A national treasure, this zoo has won countless awards and is widely considered to be among the best in the United States. It’s not surprising that almost half a million visitors come to see the creatures every year.

The animals at the Sedgwick County Zoo come from all corners of the globe (SCZ). The exhibits have a continental theme. More than 3,000 creatures representing 400 species are on display in the recreated habitat.

Famous animals include tigers, bears, African dogs, bison, lions, and elephants. There are three fantastic displays that you should not miss: the Gorilla Forest, the Tiger Journey, and the Penguin Cove.

If you’re taking your kids to the zoo, make sure to stop by the “Petting Zoo” first. This is the sort of setting where a day may pass quickly. Should hunger strike, a food court is at your disposal.

The Monument Rocks

What are the “8 Wonders” of Kansas, if you happen to know? The state’s most notable attractions are included on this list. You can remove the Monument Rocks from your list of mandatory natural landmark visits.

Over a time span of 80 million years, chalk was eroded to build remarkable rock formations.

Western Kansas is home to a unique geological feature known as the Monument Rocks, commonly known as the Chalk Pyramids. They were the first official landmark in Kansas and remain one of the state’s most famous tourist attractions.

Paths for hikers wind through the many chalk outcrops. When you stand next to them and stare up at the tower, which is about 70 feet above the ground, a sinister sensation comes over you.

Because of their beautiful natural arches, they are widely utilized as backdrops for photographs. In addition, the area is widely recognized as a dark sky site, perfect for stargazing.

Topeka, Kansas, State Capitol

The Kansas State Capitol building is a must-see for anybody visiting Topeka, the state capital and the number one tourist attraction in Kansas. The Kansas State Capitol is a popular tourist attraction for its beautiful architecture and historical significance.

In 1903, construction was finally finished on the beautiful Kansas State Capitol, which was designed in the French Renaissance style. Take in the external design as you meander across the gardens. It is the second-tallest capital building in the world due to the typical shape of the dome.

Please enter the building and sign up for one of the complimentary tours once you arrive. On this tour, you will get the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the structure, including its history.

Library, meeting rooms and other parts of various government buildings will be open to you during your tours. It’s impossible to go everywhere without seeing a stunning statue or mural.

Rising to the dome’s pinnacle for a bird’s-eye view over Topeka is a must on this excursion.