Top Places You Should Visit While in Christchurch, New Zealand
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Top Places You Should Visit While in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is known as South Island’s Garden City, but you won’t understand why unless you go there for yourself. Christchurch encompasses the finest of New Zealand, thus it has all the outdoor activities and world-class attractions that visitors could want.

If you take the time to look at it, you’ll see that the city has a lot to offer in the way of the finest in nature, biodiversity, medieval architecture, and a variety of engaging activities.

Here is a list of some of the best places you should visit while you are on a family tour in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Botanic Gardens and Hagley Park

Hagley Park, situated in the heart of Christchurch, overlooks the huge City Centre and serves as the city’s main location for Botanic Gardens. The Botanic Garden, framed by Christ’s College, the Arts Centre, and the Canterbury Museum, and is a beautiful example of Neo-gothic architecture and natural beauty.

The bridge arch, tropical plants, and captivating design of the Cuningham Glasshouse combine to form the garden’s most eye-catching feature.

Antigua Boat Shed is where visitors may rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards to explore the garden at their leisure. Colors burst out in Hagley Park like a kaleidoscope every spring.

There is no more picturesque location than Botanic Garden in Christchurch, with cherry blossoms and gorgeous daffodils all around.

Alpine Ice Sports and Entertainment Centre

Don’t mistake the Alpine Ice Sports Centre for simply the ice rink; it hosts a wide variety of events and sporting tournaments. Events including hockey games, charity galas, and ice dancing are often held on this rink, making it a major tourist destination.

Before you go out, make sure you’ve checked the website for up-to-date event information. There might be a nice surprise in store for you at this location.

International Antarctic Centre

Welcoming you to New Zealand’s fascinating Antarctic community. Visitors to Christchurch will confirm that Antarctic World is a must-see attraction, and with good reason. You won’t find a more accurate representation of the rich life at the South Pole than this, and you can see the greatest of Antarctic wildlife right here.

The International Antarctic Centre, conveniently located near Christchurch International Airport, is the place to go in Christchurch if you want to feel like you’re in Antarctica without really going there.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

This family-friendly outing to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about and appreciate New Zealand’s spectacular natural beauty.

Animals such as wild geese, wallabies, wild boars, horses, monkeys, and calves may all be seen here in their natural habitats, making this a popular tourist destination right in the middle of the city. You may expect to see a lot of different kinds of animals here since the area is heavily forested.

Awaroa/Godley Head

There is no better site to go sightseeing in Christchurch than the historic area of Awaroa/Godley Head. Godley Head is a wide open space with cliffs that are 120 meters high and a coastal defense battery from World War II.

New Zealand’s coastline area is home to ten of the world’s most important historical sites, including this one, which was completed in 1939. The Tunnel Track and gun emplacements may be found when wandering around the open areas.

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The Cardboard Cathedral

The Cardboard Cathedral is a must-see attraction in Christchurch, thanks to its modern architecture and abundance of stained glass. The primary components, including cardboard, glass, and other materials, mold it into a peculiar cathedral that is well worth a visit.

The cathedral has hosted both weddings and burials over the years, in addition to concerts and other well-attended events. The cathedral’s triangular glass windows reflect light beautifully and are a notable architectural element.