How To Repurpose An Entertainment Center
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How To Repurpose An Entertainment Center

Are you one of those people who keep old furniture around in the hopes that it will be useful at some point in the near future? We were experiencing just that when we discovered our entertainment center. 

Despite the fact that we had almost completely forgotten about it, this piece still had life in it for both us and anybody else searching for a fresh furniture restoration project! 

We walk you through the process of transforming an outdated entertainment center into something entirely different in this blog article. 

You may make your own space-saving storage organizing system by employing a few essential supplies and tools as well as some methods and suggestions!

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Hope this article will help you to get knowledge about how to repurpose an entertainment center

Preparing the Entertainment Center

Any living room’s focal point is an entertainment center. Giving an item that you’ve inherited from family or found at a thrift shop a makeover is a terrific way to breathe fresh life into your room.

Cleaning and Sanding

Cleaning and sanding are steps in preparing an entertainment center for a makeover. Use a liquid degreaser like Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner and adhere to the label’s recommendations for optimal results. 

After that, sand any elevated areas using medium-grade paper. Once you’ve completed sanding, be sure to wipe up any remaining dust with a moist cloth.

Removing any hardware or hardware holes

Removing all hardware and hardware holes from the entertainment center’s surface. Although you might be tempted to paint over them and ignore them, doing so could result in chipped paint and other unfavorable effects in the future. 

Instead, take them out using pliers or other tools as required, then caulk or wood putty any holes left behind.

Repairing any damages

When getting ready to remodel an entertainment center, any damage must be repaired. Before painting or staining the wood, any cracks or chips in the wood need to be filled in using epoxy glue. 

If the epoxy glue is not mixed correctly, it won’t bond properly and will ultimately flake off. Be careful to follow the instructions on the epoxy glue packaging.

Paint or Stain the Entertainment Center

Are you interested in updating your entertainment center? Whether you decide to paint or stain your furniture, both methods will result in a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

Choosing the Right Paint or Stain

Durability and aesthetics are the two key criteria to take into account when choosing between paint and stain. While stains can enhance the inherent beauty of the wood grain, paint provides greater resistance to abrasion. 

Paint is usually the greatest option if you want long-lasting protection, although stain may be preferable if you like a more natural appearance and softer feel.

Preparing the Surface for Painting or Staining

It’s crucial to thoroughly prepare your surface by sanding down any uneven surfaces and getting rid of any old paint or stains that could be present before using either product. 

By doing this, you can make sure that your new finish looks great. It’s time to start applying the paint or stain when you’ve finished preparing the surface.

Applying the Paint or Stain

You get a flawless finish while applying either product, make sure to use a high-quality brush. Apply a thin layer of primer first, then numerous coats of paint, while painting (allowing each coat to dry completely before adding another). 

Always begin staining at the bottom and work your way up to prevent drips and uneven color. 

Apply each dye layer evenly until the required coverage is obtained (usually 1-2 coats). Then let dry thoroughly before adding any protective topcoat such as polyurethane or varnish if desired.

Upcycling the Entertainment Center

You need to go no farther than your entertainment center for ideas on how to modernize your living room. With a few little adjustments, this piece of furniture is adaptable and may be used in several new ways.

Creating Shelves or Storage Space

Consider converting your entertainment center into shelving or additional storage space if you want to expand the amount of storage space in your house. 

You may use the entertainment center’s built-in shelf units or you can add more shelves to meet your needs. It will be simpler to store stuff like books, board games, cooking utensils, and more with the addition of more shelves.

Adding Hooks or Baskets for Organizing

Add hooks or storage baskets to an entertainment center to make it more functional. If you don’t have enough drawer space at home, this is extremely useful. 

You’ll have an extra place to store things like coats, hats, scarves, purses, mittens, and other accessories where they can be conveniently found when required if you add hooks and baskets. 

These things may also be used to hang pictures and art prints to decorate the walls in your living space. Also, check out how to make a DIY hanging basket cat bed.

Transforming The Entertainment Center Into A Bar Or Bookcase

Consider converting your entertainment center into a bar or library if you’re searching for a unique way to liven up your living room or den.

This is simply accomplished by removing any built-in shelf units and substituting them with glasses racks and wine racks. 

Additionally, the unit’s bottom drawers may be taken out and replaced with cubbies for books and other ornamental objects like sculptures or plants. After this renovation is finished, you’ll have a fantastic area for hosting visitors!


Your entertainment center will be ready for its makeover once it has been cleaned, sanded, de-hardware, and fixed.  You can guarantee that your furniture will look fantastic for years to come by taking a few easy precautions in advance. 

Therefore, go ahead and gather your tools and begin giving your entertainment center some much-needed TLC!  It is ultimately up to personal opinion whether you choose to paint or stain your entertainment center. 

Both techniques may yield lovely results if properly done! Make sure you properly prepare the surface and use high-quality materials before applying either paint or stain to guarantee that yours looks its absolute best. 

By keeping in mind these suggestions, you’ll be able to produce stunning outcomes with little work!