Some Best Paragliding Sites in Turkey

Do you like adventures? If yes, these are the best places for your to enjoy adventurous paragliding in Turkey

Paragliding Sites in Turkey

Turkey has a wide range of vacation options. Turkey is a wonderful holiday destination since it has so much to offer in terms of both historical sites and scenic attractions.

Likewise wonderful is the opportunity to go paragliding in Turkey. In addition, the natural beauty of Turkey makes it an ideal paragliding destination.

In recent years, paragliding’s popularity has exploded throughout Turkey and the rest of the globe. People generally agree that paragliding emerged as a popular sport sometime in the 1980s.

Paragliding takes place between five thousand and four thousand metres above the ground. You should take some paragliding lessons before you start it as solo.

Top Paragliding Spots in Turkey

In this article, we’ll go over some of the top locations in Turkey for paragliding. But if you want to visit Turkey for tourism, you should first check your Turkey visa eligibility and then you should apply for a visa.


The great Babadag Mountain in Turkey is a great site to go paragliding. It’s in the Fethiye district of the province of Mugla. Some say this area was the first in Turkey where paragliding was ever popular.

Here, you may try paragliding from a height of 1700 to 1900 metres above the ground. About 45 minutes away lies the Turkish resort town of Oludeniz, another excellent destination for visitors to the country.

Cokelez Mountain

A second Turkish paragliding location is on Cokelez Mountain. Located around 30 kilometres from the Turkish city of Denizli. In the winter, snow covers this Cokelez Mountain, making for picturesque vistas.

If you are visiting Turkey, you should make time to go paragliding at Cokelez Mountain.

Mount Ali

Kayseri, Turkey’s Talas neighbourhood is home to the city’s majestic Mount Ali, which is a popular paragliding launch site. The paragliding experience here is second to none, and the vistas from the mountaintop are unlike any you’ve seen before.

Paragliding from 1,750 metres above the ground is a wonderful experience. In 2004, it was also the site of the World Paragliding Championships. After you get your Turkey visa online, you should pack your luggage and start your journey to the land of adventurous and natural beauty.

Munzur Mountains

The ideal place to go paragliding is from this Munzur mountain. Erzincan, where this spot can be found, is the city in question. It’s ideal for both first-timers seeking their first paragliding experience and seasoned pros looking to take their skills to the next level.

At an altitude of 3,250 metres, professionals may take in breathtaking panoramas. Amateur athletes may appreciate the landscape just as much from a height of 1300 metres. This spot is easy to reach by descending since the surrounding terrain is perfectly flat.


The Turkish town of Kas is in Antalya province. Kas town is an excellent location from which to experience a wide range of activities and leisure options.

You’ll be able to try out activities like paragliding and a Delta wing glider in addition to the more traditional ones like rock climbing and canoeing. What makes this location stand out is that paragliding can be done right from the boat.