Most Beautiful Turkey Beaches For Foreign Tourists


Turkey is a fascinating mashup of diverse civilizations, with dishes and buildings to match. As a crossroads between Europe and Asia, it is a cultural crossroads and a region of many wonders.

As an added bonus, the country is flanked by the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Aegean Sea. From here you can download the Turkey visa application.

This indicates that there are sufficient beaches in Turkey to sustain the country’s tourism industry. Locals and visitors alike should definitely check out these top five beaches in Turkey.

Iztuzu Beach or Turtle Beach

Between the famous Mediterranean Sea and the local Dalyan River is a large expanse of sand known as Iztuzu Beach, which is around 4.5 kilometers in length. Because of the large number of turtles that frequent the beach, Iztuzu is also known as Turtle Beach.

Old archaeological sites, give visitors a taste of Turkey’s fascinating past and rich historical places in Turkey. Going on a boat trip is the ideal way to take in the stunning scenery of the beach. Among the many amazing attractions in Turkey, Iztuzu Beach is a must-see.

Oludeniz Beach

Because of its placid seas, Oludeniz Beach in Turkey goes by the name “Blue Lagoon Beach.” Visitors enjoy lounging on the sand or swimming in the clear waters of this beach.

As we know that the Oludeniz Tukey is a popular destination, but it might get busy during the high season; arriving early is recommended to avoid crowds.

The Beach of Icmeler

The formerly sleepy fishing town is now a bustling hub for vacationers. There is a great selection of dining and drinking establishments on Icmeler Beach. Iclemer Beach is the place to go if you’re a fan of water sports of all kinds.

Hiking in the neighboring hills is also a popular activity for visitors. Because of all this, Icmeler Beach is among the finest in Turkey. Get your Turkey visa for US citizens and have a wonderful trip on any of the best beaches in Turkey.

Ovabuku Beach

Ovabuku is a tiny beach that is well-known for the great fish and bread that can be found at its eateries. The area is bordered by verdant trees. Vacationers looking to get away from the noise of the city should head to Ovabuku Beach.

Because of its quality, it is regarded as one of the best beaches in all of Istanbul, Turkey. Check out these top things to know about Turkey as a tourist.

Kabak Beach

The trip to the beach can be arduous due to the presence of mountains on the way. However, the beautiful scenery at your destination will quickly lift your emotions.

The breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea will invigorate your mind and body. You may relax with a pina colada in hand while admiring the azure waters at Kabak Beach, which is shaded by towering pine trees.