Things You Need To Know About Indian Transit Visa
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Things You Need To Know About Indian Transit Visa

The majority of non-Indian nationals are required to obtain a transit visa before entering the country, and this rule applies regardless of the length of their stay or the purpose of their travel.

Only citizens of Bhutan and Nepal do not need a visa to enter India at any time, making them the only two countries in the world to enjoy this privilege. Even if they are simply passing through India on their way to another country, the vast majority of passengers will still be required to have a valid visa to enter India.

However, this is subject to change based on the passenger’s anticipated length of stay in India as well as their plans for the use of the airport’s Transit Area. For citizens of certain countries, it is necessary to submit an application for a transit visa to India in advance at an Indian embassy or consulate.

The vast majority of people who have foreign passports can now submit an application for an Indian eVisa online in order to obtain one for transit purposes. For a business trip, you must apply for a business visa for India.

Is Obtaining a Transit Visa Necessary in Order to Visit India?

According to the regulations on Indian visas, non-visa-exempt tourists who are transiting through an Indian airport for a length of more than 24 hours or who intend to exit the airport Transit Area are required to obtain a visa in order to perform either of those things.

Even though the traveller has a connecting flight within twenty-four hours after landing in India, it is likely that they will be required to leave the airport transit area for a variety of reasons before they can board the connecting flight.

If a traveller needs to recheck their bags for the connecting flight, or if they wish to stay in a hotel that is located outside of the transit sector, it is likely that they will need to clear immigration first.

Under these conditions, you will be required to use the Indian electronic visa application website in order to get a transit visa for India in advance of your trip. Even you need an Indian visa for cruise ship visitors.

Staying in India Transit Without a Visa

It is possible to avoid obtaining a visa if you are only transiting through an Indian airport:

  • The traveller is in possession of tickets that have been validated for travel to a third country.
  • The stopover time that is scheduled to take place in an airport in India is less than twenty-four hours.
  • The passenger does not leave the designated area for transit passengers inside the airport.

It is recommended that those who are just going to be in India for a period of time that is shorter than twenty-four hours book their connecting flight on the same ticket as their trip to India.

It will no longer be necessary to exit the designated Transit Area in order to recheck bags for the connecting aircraft, which will result in the requirement for a transit visa being null and void.

A visitor does not need a transit visa for India so long as they remain on board their ship when it is docked in an Indian port. This exemption from the requirement applies to cruise ship passengers alone.

Those who already possess a valid eVisa for India, such as an authorised business visa or medical visa, would not be required to apply for a transit visa even if they are passing through India for a length of time that is longer than 24 hours and will be transiting the country.

The holder of one of these variants is granted permission to enter India an unlimited number of times throughout the period in which the visa is valid.