A Hill Station Vacation in Mussoorie: Things to Do in This Beautiful Town

thigns to do in Mussoorie

There are several lovely hill stations in India, and one of those provides opportunities for exciting getaways in Mussoorie. It is well known as the Queen of Hills and is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state.

This is due to the abundance of Himalayan resources that have been bestowed upon the state. If you plan to travel or go on an adventure in North India, you can’t leave out Mussoorie or you’ll be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Have a look at our recommendations for the best activities in Mussoorie. Meanwhile, you can also check how to get an Indian visa for Latvian citizens in order to explore the beauty of Mussorie in India.

Trekking – One of the Most Popular Activities

Image by Bhuwan Mahajan, used with permission from Wikimedia.com Many thrill-seekers consider trekking in Mussoorie to be the most desirable adventure activity in the area.

Mussoorie is home to many different trails that are perfect for trekkers to explore, including the Nag Tibba Summit trek, the Bhadraj Temple trek, the Dodikal trek, the Har ki dun walk, and many others. Most of Mussoorie’s hikes are classified as low or moderate difficulty, meaning they do not demand much physical preparation.

It is always advised and a good idea to examine the optimum time of the trek, as the activity can have to be put on hold due to the weather or because of some other reason. Therefore, if you want the excitement of adventure, you should go on camping vacations and treks in Mussoorie.

Your time spent unadulteratedly with nature will provide you with the much-required opportunity to focus on yourself. Trail walkers, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd., and Gio Adventures are some of the companies that offer trekking and camping trips.

Price: The price varies from one trip to another depending on the length of time it takes, the number of people in the party, the distance traveled, and the standard of the facilities that are offered.

Enjoy the Scenery While You Go Hiking

The town of Mussoorie is renowned for its breathtaking and mind-blowing scenery. Walks and hikes in areas with lush green valleys, and majestic mountains, which are drenched in drifting clouds, are experiences that are difficult to forget.

Some of the most enjoyable things to do in Mussoorie, include taking a stroll to Happy Valley from Library Head, from Valley View to the beautiful Clouds End, and to Company Bagh from Waverly Convent. When you walk along these roads or lanes, you’ll come to know why walking is the most effective approach to exploring mountainous terrain.

The climb to the Kempty waterfall, the hike through Happy valley, the hike through the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, the hike up Nag Tibba, and others are among the top hikes in the Mussoorie area.

Trail Hikers, Yeti Outdoors, Scrambling Adventures & Outdoors, and more are some of the companies that offer hiking tours. Trip Himalayan Mountains Cost: The price varies depending on the many different aspects of the hike.

On the other hand, the starting range is somewhere about 1,500 INR. If you have the plan to visit this place for hiking as an international tourist, then you should check this guide about how to apply for an Indian visa for Norwegian citizens.

Adventure Sports – For Adrenaline Junkies

Skywalk, which just opened for the first time to the public anywhere in the world, is easily counted among Mussoorie’s most exciting attractions. Excited about the prospect of walking on a single wire rope that is 360 feet long at a height of 120 feet while keeping free hands?

With the assistance of a harness, you will be securely attached to a wire that supports you and will keep you safe. During a Zipline experience, you will be tied onto a wire rope for safety purposes with the help of a pulley at the higher end.

You will then be forced to slide at a pace of 50 kilometers per hour to the lower end of a 330-foot-long vertical. At a height of eighty feet, Zip Swings is a combination of a zip line and a giant swing. You begin by speeding along the rope until you reach the middle, and then you swing up to a height of 80 feet while harnessed to the wire rope.

These three activities make up the entirety of the most enjoyable things for families with children and even couples to do in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Prices start at INR 600 for the Skywalk and INR 300 for the Zipline and Zip Swings respectively.