Blanc Lac Quebec

3 Places in Quebec That Every Tourist Must Visit

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Are you thinking of taking a trip to Quebec but aren’t sure where you should go? However, given that Quebec is one of Canada’s largest provinces, this is no easy task.

Here, for your convenience, are detailed descriptions of Quebec’s three best, lesser-known tourist sites.


If you’re driving along the St. Lawrence River to Montreal from Quebec City on highway 40, a break in Trois-Rivières for a full day is simple and convenient.

If you need to get some fresh air and walk off some of that prison food, take a stroll around the Old Jail. It was put to use for the first time in 1822, and since then, it has evolved into a quite gruesome but very interesting tourist destination. When you arrive, you can go check out the cells, but be careful; you don’t want to end up behind bars!

If it’s not your thing, the nearest spot Musée des Ursulines is a cute museum that will only set you back approximately $5. A stop here would be worthwhile if you’re interested in history; otherwise, you can move on.

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Blanc Lake

However, the small size and complete isolation of Lac Blanc—about two hours away from Montreal—are actually major selling points. With the vivid, changing foliage, it is one of the greatest places in the Province of Quebec to come in the fall for us. This thing is enchanted.

To fully enjoy the trip to Blanc Lac, we got a helicopter tour of the autumn foliage, and it was breathtaking. The operation was coordinated from the Pourvoirie du Blanc Lake, and you can stay there as well, and began right off the coast of Lac Blanc.

In all candor, you should go during the fall if at all possible. After that, you can relax and take in the sights of this beautiful part of Quebec by hiking along one of the area’s many paths. Everything was so easygoing that we didn’t want to leave.

Visit Lac Blanc, then stay at the Auberge du Lac Taureau, this will be enjoyable for sure. After a pleasant ride around Taureau Lake in a tiny boat, we settled in for a while at this cabin-style motel. Awesome job with that.

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Pointe-Au-Père, on the St. Lawrence River’s southern coast, is about four hour’s drive to the east of Gaspe and about three hour’s drive from Quebec City. If you’re on your way to Gaspe and need a restful overnight stop, this is the place to go.

Artifacts from the sunken Empress, the sunken Onondaga submarine, and the lighthouse post can also be seen at the neighboring Maritime Historic Site. It is the first place of its kind to be open for the public in Canada.

Stop by the totally chill Resto de la Mer as well. It might not look like a fancy restaurant, but their poutine is to die for!