Bekal Fort Kerala

Attraction and Less Known Facts About Bekal Fort; Kerala

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Approximately 68 kilometres from Mangalore and 15 kilometres from Kasaragod is Bekal Fort. Bekal Fort is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in Indian history, ancient architecture, or stunning natural scenery.

To help you better plan your visit, we have included details such as Bekal Fort’s opening hours, admission prices, and more below.

The Bekal Fort has recently become a well-liked tourist attraction. The beautiful scenery has even made it a favourite among those who make movies and commercials.

This mediaeval building is one of the most spectacular sights in all of Kerala because of its well-maintained gardens and attractive pathways.

Attractions in and Around Bekal Fort

At the fort’s entrance is the Anjaneya Temple, a shrine to the Hindu god Hanuman. It is speculated that the shrine predates the fort itself. It has lately undergone extensive renovations, making it a hotspot for sightseers and believers alike.

You can also visit a mosque outside of Bekal Fort that was constructed by Tipu Sultan. Check out this guide on how to get a 5 year Indian visa for UK citizens or a 5 year Indian visa for US citizens.

The fort’s Observation Tower can be accessed through a set of steps located near the tower’s central location. It stands at a lofty 30 feet tall and spans a diameter of almost 80 feet. From the tower, one can see the verdant countryside on the other side of the Arabian Sea and the rocky shoreline below.

The fort also has numerous underground tunnels that connect to the exterior in a variety of ways. There are still two of these tunnels functioning now.

The sea bastion, located on the fort’s rocky outcrop, provides breathtaking panoramas of the coastline and the Arabian Sea. Clear views of the sunset can be had from the fort, making it a favourite spot for visitors.

Get You to Bekal Fort

Bekal is easily accessible by plane, rail, and road, giving you the flexibility to travel there however best suits your needs. The closest airport, Mangaluru International Airport, is located 71 kilometres (km) from the fort.

There is a train station in Bekal, however, it isn’t very well connected. To get there, the most convenient option is to take a train to either Kanhagad (which is 9 km away) or Kasaragod (which is 18 km away) and then hire a taxi. Bekal is conveniently accessible by road, so visitors from neighbouring cities and towns can drive, take a taxi, or take a bus to the fort.

Uncommon Knowledge about Bekal Fort

Some lesser-known facts about Bekal Fort are as follows.

There are no ruins of palaces or other buildings at Bekal Fort, which sets it apart from the majority of India’s forts. This suggests the fort’s primary function was defensive.

Fortifications were constructed there to stave against invasions from the sea. There is a magazine in the fort where weapons and ammo can be stored. However, no outsiders are let inside.