Top 3 Canadian Destinations For Newlyweds Honeymoon Trip
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Top 3 Canadian Destinations For Newlyweds Honeymoon Trip

From touring the Maritimes to storm-watching in the West, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most romantic things to do across the country and beyond. All the way from the southern tip of the United States to the northern tip, you can find some variations of these pursuits.

If you and your new husband are planning a trip to Canada to celebrate your wedding, you may be wondering where you should go. We’ve compiled a list of the best honeymoon spots in Canada so you can plan the trip of a lifetime.

Tofino is a town in British Columbia, Canada

While the hamlet of Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast is most famous as a surfing hotspot, the area’s numerous romantic attractions attract honeymooners who aren’t necessarily into surfing.

You and your new spouse will find that the rocky shoreline, the sound of breaking waves, and the miles and miles of sandy beaches are the perfect setting for some alone time.

Numerous five-star hotels have waterfront locations, and most of them cater to newlyweds by offering special honeymoon packages with individual cabins and other sorts of pleasure. Since you’ve reached this point, treating yourself to some much-deserved self-care is a must.

To be clear, we are not in Hawaii; the Pacific Ocean in Tofino is quite frigid. In spite of the warmer water temperatures, surfers always wear wetsuits when they enter the water. Even if you don’t feel like swimming in the ocean on your honeymoon, you can still have a great time doing other things that include water.

Booking a boat excursion is a great way to see the sights, whether you want to go fishing, whale watching, bear watching, or be taken to a hidden natural hot spring.

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When tourists learn that the midst of winter is one of the most romantic seasons to visit Tofino, they are often taken aback. Monitoring the weather for impending storms is a favorite pastime in Tofino.

Nothing beats hunkering down in a private cabin during storm season, especially if said home has a fireplace and a hot tub, and you can gaze out the window and watch the rain pelt the beach below.

Located in Quebec’s Mont-Tremblant

Do you think skiing is the only thing to do in Mont Tremblant? When one needs to reevaluate an idea: During the summer months, Mont Tremblant is home to a plethora of amazing activities that are sure to please any couple who enjoys extreme sports and is always on the lookout for new thrills.

At Mont Tremblant, there is a famed zipline course that you must ride at least once in your life. Taking that first step off the edge of the platform into the unknown can be nerve-wracking, but the incredible vistas you’ll be treated to as you soar through the air will be well worth the initial apprehension.

You can ride with your special someone side-by-side on all five lines, although only two of them are longer than a kilometer.

The summertime activity of mountain biking is very popular in the resort hamlet of Mont Tremblant. Pick up a set of mountain bikes and hit the town’s more than 50 kilometers of paths intended for off-road cycling.

You can also get your heart racing by going on the luge track at Mont Tremblant, which is like a go-kart track down a mountain, except you get to yell and hoot with excitement as you speed down the circuit. A luge run will take you 1.4 kilometers.

If you’ve had enough heart-pounding fun for one day, head to the village for some downtime and a stroll through the streets with your special someone. When you’re done recharging, you may go on a horseback riding adventure or see the mind-blowing light show Tonga Lumina after dark.

These two pursuits will leave you unable to articulate your feelings and thoughts. It’s the perfect recipe for a honeymoon trip beyond your wildest dreams.

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Prince Edward Island

The idyllic location for a honeymoon, complete with all the romantic trappings, is the kind of place that comes to mind when one thinks of Prince Edward Island. You should come here for a honeymoon if you’re looking for a place to relax, eat delicious seafood, and enjoy the beautiful scenery on your trip.

If you want to make the most of your time on Prince Edward Island, renting a car and setting off on a self-guided tour of the island is your best bet. It’s a quick trip, taking only around 2.5 hours to get from one end to the other, so you can take your time and appreciate the beautiful scenery and quaint towns.

Charlottetown is a great place to start because it is steeped in history and can be explored on foot; all you have to do is head outside and wander the city’s central streets. You’ll find some of the best fish and chips in the world in the tranquil yet stunning town of Saint Peters Bay, where you can also stay in a charming inn.

Get yourself to where you need to go by way of Souris and Singing Sands Beach. Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, is not only home to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches, but it is also the best spot to find anything and everything associated with Anne of Green Gables.

Get to PEI’s northernmost point through a walking trail along the breathtaking beachfront; the North Cape Lighthouse will have you gasping for air for all the right reasons.

Despite the abundance of time you’ll have as a newlywed couple to spend together in Prince Edward Island, you shouldn’t be bored.