Turkish Music and Their Deafferent Genres
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Turkish Music and Their Deafferent Genres

Music has always played a significant role in the daily lives of Turkish people, just as it does in other cultures. The music of the Ottoman Empire, Persian music, Arabic music, music from the Balkans, and music from Greece all had an impact on the music of Turkey.

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What Genres of Music Are Popular in Turkey?

The music that the people of Turkey listen to today spans a wide variety of genres. There are certain types of music that remain popular in Turkey despite the fact that the country’s population comes from such a diverse range of ethnic and cultural origins.

There is also Turkish pop music and arabesque music among them. Some of them play traditional Turkish music.

Traditional Turkish Music

The traditional music of Turkey bears the imprints of the massive cultural exchanges that have taken place in Anatolia over the centuries. Both Turkish classical music and Turkish folk music are considered to be part of the country’s traditional musical repertoire.

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Turkish Classical Music

The beginning of this genre, known as Turkish classical music, may be traced all the way back to the 9th century. Its beginnings can be traced back to the palaces of the Ottoman Empire, where it was performed for the Sultans and their courtiers.

Meyhanes are like modern-day Turkish taverns where groups gather to listen to live bands and sing along. These establishments are popular places for people to enjoy Turkish traditional music today.

Traditional music from Turkey

Contrary to Turkish Classical Music, Turkish Folk Music evolved out of the everyday social activities of the Turkish people. The lives of the people in Turkey are the inspiration for the songs that make up Turkish folk music, which takes its narrative directly from the people.

Songs can be about anything, from the dread of leaving one’s birthplace to the anguish of having a loved one locked up.

Anatolian Rock Revival Project is an excellent YouTube channel for those who are dedicated fans of Anatolian Rock, which is a form of Turkish folk music. If you are interested in Turkish folk music, you should check out this channel.

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Music of the Turkish Pop Genre

Cover versions of Western songs performed in Turkish propelled Turkish pop music to prominence in the 1950s. Turkish Pop was quite popular among people for a number of decades until another style called arabesque acquired popularity in the 1970s.

This coincided with an increase in the number of people migrating from rural areas to large urban centers. Pop music enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the 1990s, thanks in large part to artists like Sezen Aksu, Sertab Erener, and Tarkan.

As a singer and songwriter in Turkey, Sezen Aksu is having a significant impact on the evolution of the country’s music landscape. Sertab Erener won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, and Tarkan is widely regarded as one of Turkey’s most successful exports to the world music scene.


During the 1970s, music with an Arabesque flavor acquired popularity in Turkey. Its passionate delivery and lyrics struck a chord with a lot of people who had uprooted their lives and moved to a large city in search of employment. In the end, it was successful in gaining enough popularity, and a significant portion of the people appreciated it.

It’s possible that the songs are about love that isn’t wanted, adultery, or virtually anything else that can make you feel down. Alisan, Orhan Gencebay, and Müslüm Gürses are three well-known musicians who have contributed to this style of music.