Three of Turkey’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Locations
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Three of Turkey’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Locations

It doesn’t matter if you want a honeymoon that’s all about the beach, you want a getaway from the city, or you want a rural retreat; Turkey offers a location that will suit your needs.

Inland, the fairy-tale beauty of Cappadocia has become a popular destination for honeymooners since it is a place where couples can go hot-air ballooning and stay in luxury caves. The country’s stunning coastline and the charming villages that dot the Mediterranean are perfect for lovers.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a Turkey tourist visa and enjoy your honeymoon trip to these beautiful locations in Turkey.

Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula

Honeymooners who want to do nothing more than lounge on the beach will be in paradise at Turkey’s most popular summer sun resort. Gümüşlük is located on the northern shore of the peninsula and is known for its luxurious hideaway hotels and expensive rustic-chic restaurants.

These establishments are wrapped around Gümüşlük’s sun-soaked bay, which opens out to beautiful views of the Aegean Sea.

The Arion Resort Hotel can be found directly on the water’s edge, to the north of the city center of Gümüşlük. You can also try these 5 best Turkish foods on your honeymoon.

This small resort is ideal for a laid-back and peaceful stay on a honeymoon because it is encircled by verdant gardens and has its very own beachfront stretching for 400 meters.

Head straight to Bodrum Town, which is located smack in the middle of the peninsula, for something a little bit livelier. There is a wide variety of accommodation available in Bodrum Town to accommodate various types of honeymoon vacations.

These options range from opulent and stylish beach resorts that dot the town’s surrounding coastline to more intimate boutique hotels that are located right in town and look out over the expanse of Bodrum Bay.

During the day, the whitewashed old town section of Bodrum Town exudes an ambiance that is quintessentially Aegean because of its blue-framed windows and bougainvillea that cascades over the walls.

Romantic strolls in the twilight are best enjoyed along the waterfront of Bodrum’s harbor, which is dominated by a castle constructed by the Knights Hospitaller and offers a view of the bay.

The peninsula is small enough that you can tour both Bodrum Town and one of the coastline villages, even if you just stay there for three or four days, regardless of whether you choose to stay in Bodrum Town itself or on the beach in one of the coastal villages.


Cappadocia Turkey Honeymoon

Cappadocia is the place to go if you want your honeymoon to have a more unique and unforgettable experience. There aren’t many other sites in the world where you can say that you spent your honeymoon in a cave, so take advantage of it while you can.

These caves are not at all what you imagine them to be. The vernacular rock-cut village house style of Cappadocia, which is hollowed out of the volcanic rocks, has been flipped on its head in Cappadocia.

Today, these cave homes have been transformed into posh boutique cave hotels, complete with chambers that offer a contemporary take on the traditional troglodyte way of life.

There are numerous cave hotels in Cappadocia, including those in Goreme and Ortahisar, and in Ürgup, where guests may relax on the terraces while taking in the stunning sunset views over the valleys and hillside villages.

Additionally, the cave hotels in the town of Ürgup are decorated in a modern style. Emirati citizens have a lot to do here at this place. Here is a guide on how to apply for a honeymoon Turkey visa for Emirati citizens.

The stylish, understated décor of the rooms and suites at SOTA Cappadocia, which draws attention to the hotel’s unique cave-cut architecture, makes it an excellent pick for newlyweds on their honeymoon.

The service is impeccable, and the vistas of the cascading cliffs of Ürgüp are nothing short of breathtaking.

Every newlywed couple’s first choice for things to do while they are in this area is to ride in a hot-air balloon over the valleys and granite cones. Hiking and horseback riding between the Byzantine cave churches of the valley are also high on the priority list for couples who like to be active.

Those who are interested in learning more will find a wealth of historical places to investigate in the surrounding area, including the caves and tunnels that make up the underground towns of Kaymakl and Derinkuyu.

Bozcaada Island

Bozcaada Island

The Turkish island of Bozcaada is a popular place to get away, and many couples choose to spend their honeymoon there because of its beaches and laid-back holiday vibe.

Even though more adventurous couples can windsurf and kitesurf off of the beaches here, Bozcaada’s genuine attraction lies in the fact that there is little little to do other than slow down and simply enjoy the peaceful pace of life on an Aegean island.

Before basking in the rays of the sun on one of the island’s beaches, take a drive into the island’s interior, which is comprised of fields that are covered in vines and spread across the hills.

Spend the afternoon discovering the charming old-town neighborhood of Bozcaada Town, which has preserved its vernacular Aegean architecture. After your exploration, enjoy a meal of delicious seafood while taking in the views as the sun sets over the Aegean Sea.

The boutique hotels in Bozcaada are ideal for sophisticated and romantic getaways, and many of them feature terraces with views of the sea.

If you are staying on Bozcaada Island, it will not be difficult for you to get to the archaeological site of Troy. After your time on the island, you can extend your honeymoon by taking a road trip around the Biga Peninsula, which is located close.

You won’t have any trouble getting to the archaeological site of Troy even if you do decide to indulge in some additional sightseeing while you are in this area.