Best Cities in Canada for Students

Best Cities To Live in Canada For International Students


You’ve always wanted to go to university in Canada, but you’re stumped on where to stay? You no longer have to scurry from one place to another. Find out which cities in Canada are best for students by reading on. Become familiar with the local customs and traditions, as well as food, people, and historical sites.

Canada is a famous tourist destination because of its diverse landscapes and abundant natural beauty. But there’s more. Numerous world-renowned universities are located here, all of which are renowned for the high standard of education they provide.

As an international student, you should know that these colleges are located in some of the most desirable cities in Canada. Students from the Czech Republic need to apply for a Canada visa for Czech citizens.


There are numerous high-ranking universities in Montreal, making it a popular alternative for students who want to study in Canada. The city was ranked 9th in the QS World Rankings, and 2nd in the student view rank’ category.

These stats show why it’s one of the top cities in the country. It’s easy to see why more and more students are choosing to pursue their higher education in Montreal.

Now, even if Montreal isn’t the cheapest option, it’s widely considered the best city in Canada to live and work in. It’s because of the high quality of life and the unique mix of cultures that this city has to offer that people flock here.


Toronto, Canada’s largest city and the seat of the Ontario government, is one of the best places to live in the country. Students flock to the city, which is home to some of Canada’s most prestigious institutions and schools.

It boasts a remarkably diversified population, with roughly half of the people being members of minority groups of some kind. Toronto is ranked 13th in the QS world rankings, making it a popular destination for international students.

Over 160 languages are spoken by the residents of this metropolis! It’s one of the best places in Canada to live and work, depending on your priorities.


Vancouver, Canada’s second-largest city, comes in at No. 3 on our list of the top cities in the country. In the QS world rankings, it is ranked 18th, and it can be found on the west coast of British Columbia. One of the world’s best places to live has also been named.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all have offices in Vancouver. English and French are the two most commonly spoken languages in the area. As a result, it will be simpler for international students to interact with the local population and find work after graduation!

If you have a plan to start your business in Vancouver, then it is the best state. For this, you need to have a Canada visa for business visit.


The world-class educational institutions in Ottawa are well-known for their experienced faculty members. According to the QS World Rankings, it is ranked 53rd, welcoming students from all over the world!

A wide range of employment options and a high standard of living are available in this city. One may argue that Ottawa is one of the best places in Canada to call home, based on its many advantages.

It is home to Canada’s largest innovation park, where tens of thousands of employment are available to international students and recent graduates. How about this? It’s also one of the world’s safest places.

Quebec City

Quebec City, the nation’s most popular student destination, is located in the French-speaking province of Quebec. It is well-known for its historic buildings and distinctly European atmosphere.

Quebec Metropolis is Canada’s second-largest cosmopolitan city, with a considerable minority population.

Quebec has the lowest unemployment rate of any Canadian city. Because of the city’s extensive network of buses and ferries, we advise you to take public transportation whenever possible. Students have found Quebec to be an affordable city with an excellent education system. QS places it at number 113 in the world.