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Best Cities In India for Starting Tech or IT Business


India is one of the greatest countries in the world and in coming years, India could be the next superpower in the world. The second-largest country of the world by population, India has great opportunities for new business.

People from outside India like to invest their capital in establishing a new tech business in India. Or they love to move their existing business. The main attraction of doing a new business in India is that India itself is one of the biggest consumer markets in the World.

When you are preparing your products in India, or you are offering your services in India, you don’t have to transport your products to other countries. You will find a lot of consumers in India that save a lot of costs.

With that, you also get well-educated, well-trained, and experienced employees. You can find Indians at the big posts of various tech giant companies, worldwide. With that, you also get a lot of labor and you have to pay low wages.

You can easily get an Indian visa for US citizens if you are interested in doing business in India. But you have to choose one of the best cities in India for your business.

Here are some cities in India which are considered best for the new business. So, let’s check these Cities:

Bangalore, The Silicon City of India

If you are interested in starting a new tech company in India, then Bangalore should be the 1st choice for you. It is also called the silicon city of India and it is famous for a lot of technology business.

The biggest tech companies in India have their head offices in Bangalore, even the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is also located in Bangalore.

Bangalore has a 5 million population and it is the 3rd highest populated city in India. It is the capital of Karnataka. In short, this is the best city for any new tech company or software house.

Hyderabad, The IT Hub

Another great city in India for an IT company or tech company in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana state. Bangalore is a modern IT city, whereas, before Bangalore, Hyderabad was considered the IT hub in India.

Even after the development and progress of Bangalore, Hyderabad has its own value for the new IT companies.

Hyderabad is also known for pharmaceutical corporations and biotechnologies labs that make it a more advanced IT hub in India.

In case you are from Australia and wanted to establish an IT company in India, then get your Indian visa for Australian citizens and start your company in Hyderabad.

Chennai, aka Madras

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu state and it is formerly known as Madras which is still known by a lot of people. In case you are interested in setting up an auto industry in India, then Chennai should be your first choice.

For the auto tech industry, Chennai has great potential. 60% of auto exports from India are contributed by Chennai alone and it fulfills the auto requirements in the country up to 30 percent.

Major car manufacturers in India are based in Chennai and a few of them are BMW, Hyundai, and Ford.