Types of Indian Visas

What Are Different Types of Indian Visa?

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Every year, thousands of tourists visit India to explore its natural beauty and to witness the historical places in India. With that, a lot of foreigners visit for cultural shows, as an artist, for getting jobs, or for medical treatment as well.

If you are one of those, who wanted to visit India, then you should know about the visa policy of India. With that, you should also know the different types of Indian visas so that you can apply for the right type of Indian visa.

Like if you are visiting India as an attendant with a patient, who needs medical treatment in India, you can’t travel on an India medical visa. For this purpose, you should get medical attendant visa for India.

Types of Indian Visas

Here are different types of Indian Visas:

Indian Medical Visa: This visa is only for patients who need medical treatment or assistance in an Indian medical institute or hospital. To get this visa, the applicant should have a medical certificate, valid passport, invitation letter from an Indian hospital where the pateint is going to get the treatment.

Indian Medical Attendant Visa: If you want to travel to India with a patient as an attendant so that you can take care of him during traveling, then you need to apply for an Indian medical attendant visa. For this, you should have your valid documents and proof of the patient who should have a valid Indian medical visa as well. Without patience, you can’t travel to India on an Indian medical attendant visa.

Indian Tourist Visa: Because India has a historical background and it has a lot of historical attractions, a lot of tourists visit India every year. If you are one of those who wants to visit a religious place, historical buildings, or simply you want to explore the natural beauty of India, then you should apply for an Indian tourist visa. For this visa, you have two options. You can either apply online and get your Indian eVisa for tourism, which will allow you to visit India and stay there for 90 consecutive days. Or you can apply through Indian Embassy as well to get your Indian tourist visa.

┘░Indian Business Visa: Those who wanted to start their new business in India, or they want to expand their business to India, should apply for an Indian business visa. It is very easy to get an Indian visa for US citizens if they wanted to start their business in India. For this, the applicant should have a registered business name, business plan, required investment, and all legal documents.

Final Words

There are some other visa types as well, like an Indian employment visa that is for those who are looking for jobs in India, and an Indian student visa for those who want to study in India.

On other hand, if you want to settle in the USA, then you should check this guide about how to get USA citizenship for Indian nationals.

If you have any questions about the Indian visa policy or how to apply for an Indian visa, don’t hesitate to ask about it.