Top 5 Online Whiteboard Use Cases
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Top 5 Online Whiteboard Use Cases

Top 5 Online Whiteboard Use Cases

Online whiteboards are gradually supplanting traditional whiteboards. Due to the fact that the Covid-19 epidemic has forced employees to work from home and students to learn from home, the traditional whiteboard is becoming obsolete.

Because online whiteboard tools can be viewed and edited from any location and at any time, it’s unsurprising that they’re eclipsing traditional methods of collaboration, communication, and presentation.

If you’re still unsure whether an online whiteboard is a suitable fit for you, allow us to demonstrate its top five use cases so you can understand how valuable they can be.


Workshops Online

For the last two years, conferences, workshops, and classes have taken place online, and many of them will likely continue to do so even after the pandemic is ended. Online workshops save organizers’ costs, allowing them to host them more than once a year.

Due to the lack of physical constraints, these workshops may now accommodate a greater number of participants, and organizers must determine the most effective methods for engaging students when teaching something online. Virtual whiteboards enable workshop participants to engage in a variety of ways, enhancing the collaborative and engaging nature of the sessions.

Contributors can read through other contributors’ recommendations, take turns adding to the story, and ultimately get useful insights.


Session de brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions are critical for team invention and creativity. And we can all agree that they are ineffective when everyone is jotting things down on their individual notebooks or PCs. While participants can continue to communicate their ideas, having them gathered in one location might spur even more creativity.

With online whiteboards, you can keep all of those ideas in one location, visible to all users, which can have a significant snowball effect.

Not only that, but you may support those thoughts with a variety of mediums, including photos, stickers, and drawings.


Collaboration via the Internet

Collaboration online, particularly during meetings, can be tedious. While staff can still collaborate and come up with novel solutions to problems, without whiteboards, the process might feel lengthy and tedious.

Using online whiteboards in a team setting is an excellent approach to interact and think on several issues concurrently. Individuals may contribute during the meeting or afterward. This makes online whiteboards an excellent tool for distant teams that rely heavily on asynchronous communication and collaboration.


Mind Mapping and Roadmaps for Products

If you lack the funds to purchase mind mapping software, whiteboards are an excellent substitute. You can create maps from scratch or utilize pre-made templates to depict the route of your goods.

The best part is that these maps are accessible to everyone, ensuring that your entire team is on the same page on what has to be accomplished and when.


Classroom Participation

An important component of the remote learning experience is the use of online whiteboards. Students might quickly become sidetracked when taking online classes by their surroundings, their phones, and social media. As a result, it is up to teachers to make learning as interactive and interesting as possible.

This is the area in which online whiteboards excel. Teachers can ensure that all of their pupils are actively participating in their lessons by utilizing a variety of templates and engagement strategies. Simultaneously, students will be more motivated to contribute and learn in this manner.



As with traditional whiteboards, online whiteboards are extremely versatile and may be utilized in a variety of circumstances. Anyone – from instructors to project managers – can find a tool or template that is appropriate for their situation.

And if you’re still confused about how this tool can assist you, we urge that you give it a try and see for yourself — you may be surprised by the results.