IPL Players

These 5 players of world cricket who will probably never play in IPL


All the franchises have released a list of players they have released and retained. All eyes are now on the auction to be held on December 19 in Kolkata.

Almost all the big players from every country participate in the IPL, but do you know that there are some of the legendary players of international cricket who have not played the IPL to date and will probably never be able to play anymore.

So let’s tell you today about those 5 legendary players who will never be able to play IPL:

1. Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad has never played the IPL till date. Broad once drafted his name in the IPL auction but none of the franchises showed interest in buying him and he could not sell. However, after this, Broad never sent his name in the auction. For 33-year-old Stuart Broad, it would not be wrong to say that he will never be able to play the IPL.

2. Josh Hazlewood

Josh Hazlewood is yet to make his debut in the IPL. Hazelwood was bought by IPL’s most successful franchise Mumbai Indians but did not give him a chance in a single match. Since then Hazelwood has not returned to the IPL, which is also a reason that the figures of this fast bowler are more attractive in Test cricket and he is seen as a Test Spellist fast bowler.

3. Babur Azam

Pakistan cricket team opener Babar Azam has done well in T20 cricket in the last few years and has secured the No.1 position in the ICC T20 rankings. Players from all over the world participate in the Indian Premier League but Pakistan players cannot participate.

Any franchise would like to include Babar Azam in his team, but Babar cannot play in the IPL due to poor relations between the two countries.

According to Daily Pakistan, there is no official ban on Pakistani players to participate in the IPL. But internally, the Government of India doesn’t allow the franchises to include any Pakistani player.

4. Joe Root

England cricket team’s Test captain Joe Root has not played in the world’s richest league till date. This veteran has the image of a Test specialist player worldwide and that is why he could not take part in the IPL.

In Test cricket, Joe Root has scored 7034 runs at an average of 47.91, while looking at his T20I figures, he has scored 893 runs at an average of 35.72 and a strike rate of 126.30.

Despite this, Joe Root has not been a part of a single IPL season till now. Root drafted his name in the IPL 2019 auction with a base price of 1.50 crores, but none of the franchisees showed any interest in buying Root. So it would not be wrong to say that the 28-year-old Root will never be able to play the IPL.

5. Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim drafted his name in the IPL 2019 auction with a base price of 50 lakhs. Even after such a low price, no franchise showed interest in buying this player and Rahim remained unsold. In terms of statistics, Rahim has scored 1265 runs in T20 International at a strike rate of 119.33 and an average of 20.07.