What is Digital Wellbeing? Tips on How To Keep Check on Kids


There was a time when all family members watched drama on TV, placed in a living room. Technology has introduced many digital devices. People prefer to watch dramas or films on their mobile phones than on LED OR LCD Televisions. You can even find language learning apps for kids on these digital gadgets.

Is digital privacy a good thing?

If you talk about keeping things private on digital or social media platforms, then yes, it is a good thing. But if you are living a whole different life digitally, then it can create some issues.

If we look closer, almost every person has a private online life. Some are famous on cyber platforms, while others are struggling with mean and hateful comments.

Digital wellbeing is a matter to discuss. If you are a mom or dad reading this article, we must advise you to stay in touch with your kids’ cyber life. Most parents do not bother to keep a check on their kids’ online activities, and that’s from where the problem starts.

What is Digital Wellbeing

According to health professionals and device manufactures, digital wellbeing is a term that represents the interaction between humans and electronic devices. Just like physical health, digital health is also a matter of concern for all of us.

Have you heard about the concept of a digital diet?

If you haven’t, then no worries. Similar to our food diet, the digital diet follows the phenomenon of consuming the right digital products. Yes, you’ve read it right. As it is said that excess of everything is bad, spending too much of your time online can cause harm to your mental as well as physical health.

So, what to do if you are a cell phone addict?

Technology never ceases to amaze us. There are specific tools to help us optimize our digital routines.

A Set of Tools to Evaluate Device Usage

Multiple device manufacturing companies have developed a feature that is also known as digital wellbeing. Such a feature helps to place limits on device usage & shows the app’s usage duration per hour, day, or week. Such a feature is also available on the mobile phone tracking app.

How does Such a Feature help in Real life?

Digital wellbeing is the tool that allows us to build a healthy interaction with the tech. We can’t deny how many electronic devices have surrounded us already. Still, we can maintain the usage to avoid unhealthy side effects.

Can We Use Digital Wellbeing on Android Phone?

Yes, we can do a check.

Launch the digital wellbeing app on your android phone. You can use it on Realme C15 as well.

Go to Settings and explore how often you use the phone and how many apps you use frequently. With daily app timers, you can set the limits on app usage. Bedtime mode is also a way to avoid sleep disturbance.

If you think that such features are only for grown-up people, then you are wrong.

We have researched and found out that young parents are more afraid of their kids’ safety. They want such tools (mobile tracker app) to limit digital device usage among kids. Excessive interaction with technology can cause health issues and disturb our lives. Parents say that they want to see their teens grow up in a non-tech environment so they can also learn what real-life values are.

Parents can watch how much their children use the internet. They can also set a fixed time for digital device usage. When the designated time is over, the app will turn the mobile off.

There is also another option that allows limiting the app usage. It will not let your children stay on mobile phones for long.

To minimize parental concerns, we have a new solution to set the app usage limit. What’s the name of the solution?

Mobile Phone Tracker – Another Name of Digital Wellbeing App

Best mobile phone trackers apps are designed to build a healthy interaction between users and digital devices. But our kids do not consider unhealthy issues. Parents can download the Mobile Phone tracker app on kids’ phones and use a dashboard to evaluate how much time children spend using mobile screens. It is affordable and collects data from the target phone remotely and efficiently.

This mobile tracker app is developed to help the audience minimizing the overuse of electronic devices. We can keep our kids away from using apps that are not for them. They often use adult apps without the parent’s permission. But Best Mobile tracking apps help you to manage the installed apps on your child’s phone with remote commands.

Wrapping Up

Digital wellbeing is a new trend that is more common in young parents than the old ones. People must find how much kids interact with their phones or devices per day or week. Excessive usage rings the bell and lets you consider some rules to build a positive interaction with digital devices. You can use the mobile tracker app to set the time limit on your or your kids’ phone. You can set the time for them and help them to grow in a non-tech environment too.

Develop good cyber habits and take care of your digital wellbeing with the most advanced tool.