YOGA FOR BEGINNERS Everything you need to know before you start exercising


We bring you some important yoga for beginners tips. This will encourage you to take the first step on a great journey towards yourself. 

Spring is an ideal time to introduce new routines and improve your lifestyle. After enjoying the sea and warm summer days, it’s time to dedicate ourselves and also turn to ourselves. Yoga signifies just that: a return to self. 

This ancient Eastern discipline embodies spiritual and physical exercises by which we achieve an inner state of peace. Also, strengthen our body and mind. The goal of yoga is to achieve harmony between mind, soul, and body through meditation, posture (asana), and breathing techniques (pranayama).

Often, many commitments and hectic lifestyles prevent us from taking the first step and changing our lifestyle. However, the great advantage of yoga lies in the fact that these exercises can be done in the comfort of home or in a natural environment. For instance, the beach or forest. That’s why we bring you some important tips for beginners that will encourage you to take the first step.

Why start practicing yoga for beginners?


Yoga reduces the negative effects of stress on the body, promoting relaxation and reducing the secretion of the stress hormone – cortisol. It lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, and strengthens immunity. It helps relieve the symptoms of depression, asthma, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and improves mental health. Also, it brings a calm and stable mind and we react more calmly to stimuli from the outside world.


Yoga can relieve pain. Studies have shown that performing asanas, meditation, or a combination of these two skills reduces pain in patients suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatic, and other chronic pain.


Yoga teaches us how to breathe better, deeper, slower and more completely. It improves lung function, increases breath capacity and allows the whole body to relax.


Yoga for beginners improves the vitality, elasticity, and mobility of all joints. It increases the range of motion and reduces stiffness and pain, regardless of the age group.


Yoga asanas use all the muscles in the body, allowing for deep stretching “from head to toe”. It also helps relieve tension and muscle pain after sports or other activities.


Even slow yoga for beginners styles helps control body weight – yoga reduces cortisol secretion, speeds up the burning of excess calories, and reduces belly fat mass. It promotes a healthier life and balances eating habits. It brings a sense of well-being and satisfaction.


Yoga improves circulation and enhances the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to all body cells. Just a few hours of yoga a week visibly improves the condition of the entire vascular system, reduces the heart rate, and increases endurance.


Yoga for beginners improves the posture of the whole body, brings the spine into the correct position, and thus reduces pain in the neck, back or joints.


With yoga we reach a deep state of relaxation and satisfaction, which, if we practice in the morning, accompanies us all day. The trigger is to raise awareness of our eating habits, so we often remove all harmful foods from our plates (too much sugar, coffee, alcohol) and choose a vegetarian diet, for the benefit of us and other living beings.


Yoga helps us focus on the present and stay aware of our body and its needs, the state of our mind, and our emotions. Our whole life becomes more aware, and thus happier.


Clear the space

For starters, it is necessary to provide enough space to be able to freely devote to yoga techniques. The best choice for performing the exercises will be the living room or bedroom. The space must be large enough that you can perform all the positions without any obstacles, so think about the layout of the furniture and make the necessary changes. In addition, you will need a solid surface and a yoga mat.

Create an atmosphere

The environment in which you will practice your techniques should be clean, calm, and also relaxing. Fill the space with objects or images that cause peace in you, get rid of unnecessary objects, and organize the space – in this way you create the right preconditions for achieving harmony and peace. You can also perform the exercises by candlelight, scented stick, and the sounds of relaxing music, while the natural environment, such as an isolated beach, will provide the most beautiful, soothing music of the waves.

Select positions

Today, there are so many different types of yoga and their benefits that seem confusing to beginners, and it can very easily happen that you get executed and give up at the very beginning. That is why it is important that your first step is to choose the type of yoga that suits you best, and we recommend that you try Hatha yoga.

This type of yoga is a good starting point for beginners and getting to know the philosophy of yoga, as well as body mechanics and the proper use of muscles in different positions (asanas) that will direct your energy towards achieving higher levels of consciousness.