DIY Building Inspection

A Simple Guide For a DIY Building Inspection of Your Current or New Home

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Do you want to buy a new house? If yes, then you should understand that it is a big investment and you can’t buy a new house without proper inspection. Usually, people hire one of the best building inspection teams to check the house properly and this is the best thing to do.

A professional team will charge you a reasonable amount, but they will save a lot of money for you when they inspect the building properly and find the repairs or defects in the building. If you don’t know about those defects or repairable work in the building, you won’t be able to negotiate on the price and at the end of the deal, you have to pay a lot more money to get those areas repaired.

But with the help of a professional team of buildings inspection specialists, you can save that money and when you have all the problems in your knowledge, you can negotiate on the price and can buy that building at a much less price. Then you can spend your saving on the repairing of your new house.

Or, even you can ask the existing owner to get these problems solved first, and then you will decide the price of that building.

DIY Building Inspection Guide

But, if you ever wanted to save more amount of money, you can do the DIY building inspection. It could be risky for you as you are not an expert, but if you get some knowledge, watch a few videos on YouTube and read this guide carefully, you can do the building inspection yourself.

To do this you must have:

  • Safety Boots
  • A good powerful torch
  • Sturdy Gloves
  • Safety Helmet
  • A ladder
  • A Checklist of DIY Building inspection

Must Check Basement

The basement is the most neglected place in any house because in many houses it is occasionally used. You should check the floor of the basement very carefully as most of the basements have cracks due to water leaks and moisturization in the basement.

The walls are also most likely to be cracked or need some new paintwork because they might be got damaged from humidity and moisture. Use the torch carefully to check the dark parts of the basement.

Check Water Tanks on Top Floor

Many house owners also neglect the maintenance of water tanks that can destroy the floor of the house and can create defects in many other places. You must go to the top floor and carefully inspect the area around the water tank.

Look for the damp surface if it is made of cement, or if it is a wooden floor then look for some cracked wood. If you find a damp surface it means that the water tank is leaking and there might be a lot of work to do not only to fix the leak from the water tank but also to repair the damage done by the water tank on the floor and the walls.

Other Places to Inspect

There are a lot more places to inspect. Like you should check if Swimming pool has no problem, water pumps are working perfectly, no hidden water leaks in the walls or in the foundation of the building.

You must look for the floor leaks as well and any other plumbing issues in the washroom, toilet, kitchen, and such other places.