Imran Khan Says Pakistan Will Keep Supporting Kashmir Cause

kashmir india pakistan

kashmir india pakistan

The recent advancement on Kashmir issue has made all the Pakistanis and Kashmiris angry. Not only this, but the opposition parties of India are also speaking in the Parliament against the actions of Modi.

Indian media is furious about the reaction of Pakistan as Pakistan is taking the article 370 and Kashmir issue to OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). The OIC has tweeted its concerns from the official twitter account as well, and they condemned the use of banned cluster bombs on the Kashmiri People as well.


Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan also said that Pakistan is going to challenge the Indian move on the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the security council of United Nations.

Further, he said that Pakistan is looking at how we can take this issue to the International Court of Justice through the United Nations. Imran Khan said that Pakistan will use every forum and every option to provide moral support to the people of Kashmir.

According to Geo Urdu News, the Indian army has killed 370 Kashmiris only in one month, i.e. in the month of January 2019. Now, India started sending more army to Kashmir which is not good news.