5 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Seoul

things to know before visit seoul

things to know before visit seoul

When you decided to visit Seoul for the first time, you should know a few things so that you won’t face any problems during your stay in Seoul. If you prepare yourself before leaving for Seoul, then your trip to Seoul will be fantastic, otherwise, you might face a lot of problems.

Don’t Rely on English

Though you can communicate using the English language in major cities of the world as well as in Seoul. But, English is not enough for Seoul, Korea. You should also learn some common phrases of Korean language so that you can communicate easily.

Especially when you are on the streets to buy some food for you, or when you need the basic necessities of the daily routine, you might need to use the common phrases of Korean language for communication.

Keep a Credit Card

It is not good to carry the cash all the way wherever you are. When you decide to visit Seoul, you should get a credit card that shouldn’t have any foreign transaction charges.

You can use the credit card on most of the stores and malls. But don’t ignore the cash totally. Keep some amount of cash in the local currency that will help you to buy some street food.

Don’t Worry About Local Transport

No need to worry about the local transport as you can’t communicate in English with most of the people to ask about your destination, so metro will be your best friend in such conditions.

The metro system is very well organized and you can travel anywhere in Seoul using the metro. Just go to the metro station and the map will help you. You need to take a few minutes to understand the maps and then you will be able to understand which metro will be your best friend.

Book Your Hotel In Advance

Before you reach Seoul, you should know where to stay. You need to book your hotel in advance and you can find a lot of hotels from online sites and can get an idea of the rates and standards of the hotels.

Figure out where to stay in Seoul and book your hotel as per your requirements.

Prepare a List of Different Tourist Points

The most important thing that you should know is the awareness of the city. You should have all the important tourists points on your list and you need to prioritize the different points. If you are with the family then your preferences will be different while if you are with your friends you can select some other tourist points.