What To Look For When Buying A Bed Frame
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What To Look For When Buying A Bed Frame

Beds are the most important object in a bedroom, with the bed frame being the second most important item. Although it may seem like an easy choice, there are many things to consider when buying a bed frame.

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Bed Slats

Slats not only provide most of the support to your mattress, but they also increase or decrease the wear and tear. Consider the width between each slat when buying a bed frame. Slats should be no wider than 6.4 centimeters apart. Any larger and this can lead to your mattress sinking, leaving it ruined and the bed less comfortable for you.

For a bed frame that is larger than a double bed, a supporting center leg is required.

There are two types of bed slats to choose from: sprung and flat slats. Flat slats are flat wooden planks that provide basic support for the mattress. Sprung flats are slightly curved and act as a spring to provide more comfort. Beware of cheap options as they can break easily.

Box Springs Or Platform Beds?

Box springs and platform beds are the most popular bed frames on offer. Platform beds are a modern option and are ideal for those on a budget as there is no extra cost for the spring. Box springs leave your bed sitting lower and closer to the ground.

Some platform beds will accommodate an extra box spring if you require extra height and softer experience.

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1825 interiors have a range of popular platform style beds like the Woollahra Queen Bed Frame. Our Balmoral Queen Bed Framesets higher up, allowing for slightly more storage space underneath.

We also offer platform beds which contain built-in storage underneath, like the Georgia King Bed Frame with storage drawers.

Check Your Space

When designing your space, ensure there is enough space for walkways and daily interactions. Leave room for drawers to open, desks, and enough space for chairs to be pulled out.

Compliment your room with our range of thinner tallboys. Our Bristol Tallboy is 80cm in width and only 45cm in diameter, perfect for smaller rooms.

Purchase a platform bed containing drawers underneath for more storage without losing floor space.


Fabric vs. Wooden Bed Frames

Deciding between fabric or wooden bed frames is down to personal preference. However, there are different pros and cons for each material.

Wooden bed frames are better for those who prefer a more traditional look. Easy and durable, they elevate the level of casual elegance in your bedroom.

Choose our Tuscan Bed Frame for a chic design and minimal upkeep. Wooden frames are ideal for moody rooms, due to their neutral tones and natural timber features.

If the wooden aesthetic isn’t your style, look for a fabric bed frame in a specific color palette to suit your bedroom design.

Fabric can be dyed and transformed into any pattern, meaning anyone with an adventurous take on color can customize their frame to their desire.

Our Harriet Bed Frame is a gorgeous velvet piece that comes in a royal shade of blue.

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Style, Style, Baby

Traditional bed frames may be an obvious choice, however, contemporary bed frame styles are on the rise.

Bunk beds are great for families with more children than space, while lobby beds are the ultimate space saver as they incorporate both a bed and desk into one frame. Our Balmoral Day Bed and New Haven Day Bed will transform your bed and sofa into one with a wooden back panel—a great option for small spaces, saving you the hassle of buying two pieces of furniture.

Although bed frames come in many styles, choosing one for your space doesn’t have to be difficult. Shop with 1825 Interiors for a range suited to any style and budget.