Some Tips for the Maintenance of House Garage Doors

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Every year the house garage door require maintenance. These doors are very sensitive and require maintenance every season. But it is very necessary to determine when the garage door require maintenance. This could happen at the start of the season and as well as during the season.

Following are the basic steps of determining when to give maintenance to the garage door.

Whenever there is a problem in the garage door it will make a sound. There will be a different kind of jerky motions as well. Whenever the door is doing one of these two things make sure to observe its movement. This will identify from which side door is making sound from.

Once you have identified the area make sure you give a proper grease. If the garage door is jerking then make sure there is are no problem with the cables of the door.

Inspect the door from both sides of the tracks on which it moves. The basic way to check the door is to see the tracks on which they are moving. There will be a problem if the tracks have rust. The rust can be cleared but this is a work of professional.

According to a survey a garage door may be open fifteen times in one day. So an average total of thirty times opening and closing during one full day. When house garage doors move up and down they are vibrating. This can sometimes affect the hardware which is moving them up and down.

Make sure to check the hardware properly. If some hardware is getting loose tighten it up.

Rollers are the most common thing on the garage doors that break early. So rollers should be inspected thoroughly. If they are cracked or have moved away from one side they should be replaced immediately.

Pulleys which are pulling the garage door up and down also need inspection and to be removed if they are not pulling simultaneously with the other pulley. Both pulleys should work together properly.

These were all the common inspection that can be done for the maintenance of house garage doors.