sandblasting precautions

Safety Considerations for Sand Blasting Operations

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sandblasting precautions

It is very important for industrial painting contractors to use the proper equipment for personal protection while they are doing the sandblasting operation.

This equipment includes the respirators, safety goggles, helmets, and coverall. These protective equipment are designed especially for the protection from potential hazards during the job of sandblasting.

Every single contractor who is working on the site of sandblasting must be aware of the potential hazards and other factors which can be dangerous for their health. Moreover, they should know about all the precautions which are recommended by the industry professionals.

Here are some health hazards that may occur while operating the sand blasting machine.

Air Contaminants

Industrial painting contractors may be affected by various air contaminants as the process is based on surface preparation. A large quantity of dust can be produced during this process which will be hazardous for the contractors.

There could be a variety of air contaminants some of which are barium, tributyltin, cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, nickel, chromium, aluminum, cobalt and many more.

The floors become slippery during the sand blasting process, and there is a large amount of dust which reduces the visibility during the process. So the working area becomes more unsafe.

Lack of Ventilation

A good ventilation system is required during the sandblasting process as the blasting machine will produce a lot of dust which could make the vision unclear.

If there is no ventilation, the area becomes unsafe for the workers and it will also reduce productivity because of the dense dust clouds.

Exposure to Elevated Sound Levels

The blasting machine produces a lot of noise which is not good for the contractors as they have to communicate during the blasting process.

The workers should be exposed to that level of noise which will be produced by the blasting machine. So, workers should also be provided with adequate hearing protectors.

General Safety

Though the workers and contractors are responsible for their own safety during the sandblasting or any other work. But employees should also identify and should be aware of all the potential hazards of the sand blasting process.