How to continuously keep lead in any polls online?



Last year 2018 was great for social media poll loving people. Yes! 10k plus online polls were conducted in 2018. It is 35% increased from 2017 polls report. IT professionals love to conduct contests to interact with fans. When you interact with your fans, you can understand the exact need of your fans.

  • Polls provide a clear idea to choose the right topic or product.
  • Fans and followers count increase when you conduct contests in a regular basis.
  • Your brand gets trust from new visitors.
  • For contestants, polls provide super attractive prizes.
  • A very small budget is enough to run a contest online.

Contest platform for event creators:

When you check the management area of big brands, you can find an even creator. Big brands always hire top professionals to handle their online polls. From a recent study, we found that big brands conduct 2 polls every month. They want to know the audience interest to launch their new product.

Which kind of polls do they love to conduct most?

  1. To get a sense of the audience, they use survey-based online polls. Basically, survey polls can have 30% of audience interest. Why because, it takes 3 minutes to 5 minutes to complete a vote. In this fast passion, people won’t spend much time to place their votes.
  2. Simple IP polls: These are the top polls you can see everywhere online. They are simple to create and vote. So their audience shows high interest to give their vote to such contests.

Contest platform for contestants:

Every people love to get prizes from their friends and family. Same as they love to get gifts from any polls online.  From a contestant point of view, they need quality and impressive prizes to join contests. 72% of contestants choose Facebook polls to join. They spend a lot of time on Facebook every day. So it becomes easy for them to join.

28% of contestants give the interest to join for unique contests. Email with form filling and captcha solving contests are the great examples for unique contests. Truly, unique contests are the best choice when you want to get big prizes. Normal Facebook contests are not offered big prizes like unique contests.

From this, you can understand that the best contest to join for contestants is unique type contests.

Note: To know where to market your contest, you may look this vapulsemedia post.

How to get lead amongst your competitors?

After you choose the contest to join, the next step is getting lead from your competitors. Contestants follow many tactics to bypass rules to manipulate votes count. Due to this, you should know the right strategies to get quick votes for your entry.

Some well-known tactics are:

Inviting your friends, family, and social media followers to vote.

– Advertising with your existing Email subscribers through good Email pitch.

– Buying votes from top vote selling agencies. (Example: )

– Vote exchange platforms to get real votes from real people. (Example:

So, how to continuously keep lead in any polls online?

At first, you need to analyze the poll to find the toughness of your competitors. Is any popular personality or popular social media person joined in the contest? If your answer is YES, then it’s time to choose another simple poll to join.

Choose the contest which has low competition score and with great prize offer. To find such contests, you should invest your golden time on several places. Once you find the right contest, you can send votes to your entry to get lead.

When the competition score is low, you can keep lead continuously from the contest start time to end. Great! We can win any contest using this super strategy. Let’s share your experience with us about how you continuously keep the lead in online polls.