Scuba Hurghada Diving Center – 2019 All You Need to Know
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Scuba Hurghada Diving Center – 2019 All You Need to Know

Scuba Hurghada Diving

Following are the Sites which are famous for scuba diving in Hurghada Egypt.

IF you are on Hurghada Excursion, local diving sites are some of the best sites to visit. These sites have the best underwater reef life. Giftun Island is considered the most prized area of the Hurghada.

El Mina is one of the diving sites near to the Hurghada. The underwater life is very amazing. It is crystal clear water with beautiful rocks circling the shore. The underwater life has interesting infrastructure that leaves tourist or first-time divers in awe.

Most of the tourists around the globe visit this area to get their first diving certificates. These certificates require a little bit of training and after that, a diver can dive on sites like El Mina.

But for the experienced divers, these sites are not deep. The most suited sites for experienced divers are Abu Nuhas Wreck. Abu Nuhas is on the north side of El Gouna Excursions.

Normally it takes two hours and thirty minutes to reach. Words cannot explain the beautiful reef life of Abu Nuhas. There are five different points in Abu Nuhas wrecks. The Points Kimon M, Chrisoula, Giannis D, are not so deep but the point Carnatic are deep. That is why Abu Nuhas has advised the professional diving site.

These points are near to each other and they are from different time span. Each point has its own unique wreck that takes scuba divers down the memory lane. The water conditions in Abu Nuhas are very excellent.

New divers can easily dive in Abu Nuhas as the water is mostly clear and new drivers can be easily administered. The water is full of different kinds of marine animals. Turtles, jacks and loin fishes are very common in this area.

Rosalie Moller is one of the best wrecks to dive in. This wreck is not for the new divers and is commonly advised for the professional divers supervision dive.

The Sea bottom is hitting at around fifty-three meters and that is above the driving range for new divers. The marine life is really beautiful. All the fishes in this area are known as schooling fishes. The drive from the Hurghada to the Rosalie Moller is around three hours forty minutes. This is one the diving sites were dolphins can be founded.

These dolphins quite play full and often seen jumping out of the water in excitement.  Thousands of photographers visit every year to take underwater photos of Rosalie Moller.  Some of the Rosalie Moller photos have been crowned as the best photo of the year.

While going on any of these sites make sure that area is not crowded. The crowded area can take away the beautiful experience of underwater.

Liveaboards are easily available for the divers. There are luxury yachts which can also take the person to the diving sites. All these sites make Hurghada a place to visit.