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Natural DIY House Cleaning

Method of Decomposition of Bicarbonate and Vinegar

  1. We remove the water from the basin if it is full of water.
  2. Add 3/4 cups of baking soda (carbonate).
  3. Set up half a cup of vinegar.
  4. Now cover the opening of the basin with its own payment or can be covered with an inverted dish.
  5. Leave the mixture for half an hour and do not use the basin in this period.
  6. After half an hour we wash the basin with hot water.
  7. This method can be done once a month for cleaning and maintenance of the basin.

How to clean the basin with vinegar

The vinegar is a deodorant of fat so we use it in the pelvic drainage by following the following steps:

  1. We bring three-quarters of the baking soda and add half a cup of vinegar.
  2. We cover the hole of the basin with its own seal.
  3. Leave the mixture about half an hour to work.
  4. After half an hour we open the basin and pass water to clean it.

Method of clearing the basin with salt

  1. We put a large suspension of salt in the basin to get rid of the remnants of fat and odors unpleasant
  2. Then pour a quarter cup of white vinegar slowly over the salt
  3. We leave the basin for a clock without using it
  4. Then pour hot water to drain the salt
  5. Pour half a cup of any liquid detergent in the basin every period and we pour hot water for 30 seconds once a week to avoid any dislocations.

Method of clearing the basin with chemicals

There are many products specially made for this purpose and can be obtained from stores and these chemicals contain special components to eliminate the harmful bacteria that cause bad odors emanating from the blocked drainage pipe.

To prevent this from becoming a continued issue in your business, contacting a commercial backflow plumber in Melbourne’s east, or wherever your business is, could help prevent it from developing into something more serious and potentially dangerous. Stiff drain blockages caused by a build-up of fat, oil, and grease may mean wastewater and sewage could back up into your property and pose a genuine health hazard.

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Remember all these methods are safe and most cleaning companies¬†use these methods for client’s satisfaction.

Steps of this method:

  1. It is always important to follow product use instructions when using cleaning products for difficult purposes, not only for health and safety reasons but because different types of clogged pipes require different solutions. For example, the water blockage in the kitchen sink is treated differently from the impervious shower pipe, from which water is still slowly flowing.
  2. After using the product in the right form we will notice the passage of water easily and the disappearance of bad smell directly, it works to analyze the fat and sediment accumulated that cause obstruction.

The method of clearing the pelvis of hair

Used equipment’s

  • The screwdriver as per the eye of the aquarium.
  • With a thin electrode.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Vinegar.
  • Toilet paper.


  1. We remove the outer cover of the eye and then start to remove the screw.
  2. Put the screwdriver and start opening, at the jaw will find the sign + and this is the reason for the accumulation of hair and accumulation of hair means the accumulation of soap and shampoo and balms, making it difficult to discharge water and the worst point in the subject is the removal of these clusters of hair because the deposits of soap and shampoo and balm rot And caused unpleasant odors.
  3. We use the face and screwdriver to remove the accumulated hair on the eye and put them in tissue paper and repeat this step until we get rid of the hair permanently.
  4. After that pour half a cup of sodium bicarbonate into the eye and pour over it vinegar and will result in bubbles that come out on the surface of the eye.
  5. Then leave the mixture for a quarter of an hour and then pour hot water near-boiling.

Who to Clean Drain and Sewer?

Drain and sewer cleaning is the responsibility of the homeowner. Whereas, it is observed that a lot of homeowners believe that this is not their intellectual property so they are not responsible for the cleaning work.

If you don’t give importance to sewer clearance then you might be in big trouble. As a home owner, it is your duty to call an expert and hire him for the drain and sewer cleaning work. Don’t wait for the local government or local departments for this.

Because, if you ignore it, it would be you at the end, who will suffer.

Method of cleaning the toilet base

By using soap:

  1. We wash the period of soap washing liquid in the bottom of the bathroom because the soap removes the blockage, such as the melting of fat in the kitchen sink.
  2. Shampoo or pieces of soap can be used.
  3. We pour 4 cups of hot water to melt the soap.
  4. Wait 20 minutes to get a result.
  5. Then we open the water valve and fill the bathroom and works this way well if the bottom of the bathroom is not filled with soap where the soap is very effective.

By preventing flood contents of the bath outside

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  1. We remove the bathroom cover from the back by pulling the buoyancy arm up if the shower is overflowing so as to prevent flow and chaos.
  2. If the bathroom is sure to be overflowing and it is blocked, remove the cover and keep the hand close to the buoyancy arm to get ready and hold it.
  3. We close the water valve to prevent water from entering the bathroom and this valve is a metal valve and the shape of an oval and located near the base of the back of the bathroom.

How to clean carpets of blood stains:

  • A mixture of liquid dish detergent and a cold-water boiler is prepared.
  • Dip a white cloth with the mixture and put it on the spot to clean it and then dry the carpet with a dry towel.
  • You can also use a mixture of a tablespoon of ammonia and a half cup of warm water and mix well.
  • Then dipping a white cloth mixture and placed on the spot of blood hard and then rinsed with a wet towel and squeezed and dried dry towel do not hesitate to contact the best cleaning homes company.

For more homemade carpet stain removers, see Bissell’s guide.