Best Top Selling WordPress Timeline Plugin For Free

weekly timeline wordpress plugin

weekly timeline wordpress plugin

I have visited a few websites where I see the content displayed in a beautiful timeline. The idea of presenting the stories and blog posts in a timeline attracts me and I started searching for it how can I do the same on my own website.

Then I was able to find a few WordPress timeline plugins which allow the webmaster to convert a simple website into a beautiful timeline style.

Cool Timeline Pro is the best plugin that I found and I installed that on my own website. I have selected this WordPress timeline plugin for various reasons which convinced me that this would be the best choice.

After installation, I have explored many features of this plugin and it was easy to customize my website and create multiple timelines on my website, don’t forget there are many a plugin you’re able to download as an add-on for your WordPress website.

With more than 1.25 billion WordPress plugin downloads it should be clear that the majority of plugins can be great additions to your site.

The best thing about this plugin is that it has two versions. The basic version is free and is available to install from, this version is basically for the users who want to test the plugins and want to check how easily they can create different timelines.

The free version with limited but still a lot of useful features attracts almost 7000+ active installations according to

It is easy to use the WordPress Cool timeline free plugin and if you feel any difficulty you can find many steps by step video tutorials for the free version and also can check the demo for the cool timeline free version from the developers.

If you’re needing any other tips or tutorials on building your site for these plugins to work, you may benefit from looking at for example.

There are even more cool features if you get the paid version of the Cool timeline. The paid version is called Cool timeline pro and it is available only in $24 with 5$ limited time discount as the original price is $29.

The free version could be installed directly from the WordPress search plugin option in the WordPress website’s admin panel whereas for the paid version, you can download the setup and then can install it on the WordPress website using FTP or by uploading the plugin zip file from WordPress plugin using “Add new plugin” option.

This WordPress timeline plugin will work with any theme you have already installed on your website. You don’t need to buy a premium theme to use this beautiful plugin.

However, if you are getting the plugin along with getting a new theme to update your website then it’s important to think about which theme you use because, as this post shows, your SEO can be affected both positively and negatively by the theme you choose.

The plugin will work on a WordPress responsive theme, even more, better and will not slow down your website’s performance in any way. If your website is mobile-friendly, mobile users will also be able to view your beautiful vertical timelines on their own mobile devices with best response time.

You can see a sample of how the timeline will look like on your website in the picture below:

wordpress timeline pro

This is just one example, you can have many more designs of your timeline with different color schemes, and also it is not necessary to use the date for your storyline.

You can use any text and can replace that text. I have tried this plugin for 3 months and now I am using the paid version of this plugin on one of my websites.

I would suggest you try the free version for at least one, I am sure you would love the idea of presenting your content on a cool timeline.