A Brother Sewing Machine for You

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If you’re interested in buying a sewing machine, it may be worth reading reviews such as, what is the best sewing machine on TeachYouToSew, which will help you choose the best machine for you. Brother Sewing Machine Company was originally established in Japan under the brand name “Yasui” in 1908, and was later rechristened as Brother. In 1932, the company was already a pioneer and a leading mass producer of these machines for the Japanese market. After the second world war, the machines were selling all over the world, and the company diversified into related areas such as knitting machinery, business machinery, machine tools and household electrical appliances. The company also became a pioneer in the printers business in the early 1970s when it introduced the world’s first dot matrix printer and at the same time launched a range of electronic typewriters as well.

Brother Sewing Machines today have a series of models in the category of Home Sewing and Quilting. They also manufacture a wide variety of industrial sewing machines for commercial usage. Some of the popular models sold worldwide include the Lock Stitch machine, Zigzag Lock Stitch, Twin Needle Lock Stitch, Buttonhole and Button Attaching machines, Twin Needle Split Needle Bar, Bar Tacking and Pattern Tacking machines, Over Edge machine, Blind Stitch machine, Programmable Electronic Pattern machine and Double Chain Stitch machine.

Brother Embroidery machines are also highly popular around the world. Brother XR3774 offers a large variety of decorative patterns, automated operations and simple to set up features. The machine comes with a computerized button panel for controls along with an LCD screen. A guide for making new patterns is included at the front side of the machine, so the users can conveniently select patterns of their choice. You can buy a Brother Embroidery machine from any of the authorized dealers of the company, or through online retail stores over the Internet.

Brother Sewing model SQ9000 is ideal for those who need to stitch garments as well as quilts on the same machine. The machine includes 80 in-built stitches that can accomplish garment construction, repairing, joining, piecing and quilting. It offers eight auto-size styles and 1-step buttonholes. There is an LCD screen with convenient arrows surrounding it to make stitch selection a quick process. If you are a sewing lover and you are thinking about taking up something new, then why don’t you consider embroidery. If this is something that you think you’d be interested in then you may want to take a look at some embroidery designs for inspiration.

Brother Serger 3034D is one of the most comprehensive models from the company. Sewing experts appreciate this model because it includes almost all the features of any good serger. That makes it a great value for money model.

Brother is one of the most respected and recognized brand names in corporate history, and the company continues to evolve and reinvent itself with the continued advancements in science and technology.