A Beginner’s Guide to Google Search Console

google search console guide

google search console guide

Creating a website and then sharing it on social media or creating backlinks to get traffic is not just enough. You would also like to track your website’s statistics to make the improvements in your work in a right direction. Google search console, previously known as Google’s Webmaster tool, is the tool which you need to get different types of statistics about your websites. This can be used for adapting your website to increase the rankings on google to make it more favourable with users to keep them visiting. You can get more tips about SEO from using a Digital Meal SEO solution. Using a search energy optimisation for your website is a great way to increase your rankings on google. It’s so easy to do by yourself, however, if you are pushed for time then you might be interested in learning that you could use something like these Whitehat Search Engine Optimisation SEO Services Packages to help you improve your business website.

Here is a basic guide for beginners about how they can make a good use of Google Search Console to improve the visibility of their website in the search engine.

Popular Pages and Traffic Sources

Using this useful tool webmasters can see the most popular pages on their website. It will show them which pages are getting maximum traffic and by knowing this webmaster can focus on those pages to update more useful information that might help the visitors of those pages. It will also show the traffic sources, like whether the website is getting traffic from the search engine or from referring websites or by social media platforms.

Search Terms for Organic Traffic

When you start getting organic traffic from search engine, this search console will also show you the search terms by which you are getting traffic to your website. You can find many search terms in search console which you even don’t know and you were not creating backlinks to rank your website for those terms. Some of the terms you will find which were not the targeted terms but your site is found on 2nd or 3rd page of the search engine with those terms. Once you know such search terms you can start focusing on using them in your content and in this way, you will be able to further improve and maintain the SEO value of your website, therefore resulting in sustained or even more traffic.

Use Google Search Console to Index Your Website

You can use Google search console to get your website indexed in Google early. Usually, Google takes much longer time to index a website for first time, or to index new pages of the website. Using search console your can submit a request to Google to index your new pages or updated website. Sometimes it only takes few hours to index your new pages if your site is good and you requested Google to submit your site.

google search console

Submit Your Sitemap to Search Console

For quick indexing and to make it easy for Google to find all your web pages, you must submit your XML sitemap in Google search console. To do this you just need to login to your Webmaster’s account or Search Console’s account. After signing into your search console account you need to select the property (website) from home tab and then “Crawl” option select sitemap. On this screen, you will find the option to submit your sitemap. Click on that and enter the URL of our website’s XML sitemap.

sitemap submit search console

After you submit the sitemap successfully it will show you a total number of web pages submitted to Google and a total number of web pages indexed by Google Search Console.

There are many more options in Google search console for webmasters like they can edit their robots.txt file from this tool to block some pages of the website from indexing in Google. They can also use this tool to check crawl stats and any errors that need to be fixed for getting better search rankings. So if you have a website, you must create an account on Google Search Console and after adding and verifying your website in this tool make a good use of this to get your website ranked higher. To further you website’s success, you could utilize the on page SEO services of someone like Victorious.