How to start a blog to make money online?



Many people asks this question over thousands of forums and blogs that how to start your own blog to earn money and they get answers like “find a perfect niche” and then start writing on that. Many people also suggest starting a blog on a topic that you are passionate about, with this in mind you should then start to look for places to start a blog as soon as possible. Well, somehow they are right but I don’t agree with these points as the basic purpose is to earn money and not to fulfill your passion. These two advises can go horribly wrong if you make a mistake in “selecting the perfect niche”. For example if you have found a perfect niche that can give you good ROI but you don’t have enough knowledge on that topic and you fed up writing on boring topics then how can you grow your blog?

On the other hand if you have started a topic about which you are very passionate and you have good knowledge on that but after few months or a year you find that this niche is not profit able and you are not getting enough money out of it despite of all your hard work and skills then what will you? Obviously you will stop blogging as well. Starting a blog can be challenging and you’ll need to do some thorough research on sites like The Money Sack before you get started. It takes hard work and dedication!

In my opinion your should’t focus a niche to start a blog to make money using Google Adsense, in fact you should start a general blog and your approach should be on problem solving content. Some times when you think that you can write on a health related issue, you should create a category in your blog for health and start writing on it after finding some profitable keywords that you can include in your article. When you think that you are good in technology then you can start writing on different technology articles where you can focus on those topics which most of the people are searching to solve their problems. A good example of technology blog is which is a new blog and they are updating it with latest news and they also provide solution to various technology problems in cell phones, laptops, gadgets, apps and many more categories.

So in general my advice will be to start a general blog where you can write about things you are most passionate about and you can also write on profitable keywords even if you don’t have much knowledge and passion about that but obviously when you need money, you can spend some time to search on Google and get some good points to write on those topics which you don’t like.

Along with this, you should also focus on problem solving articles to get more traffic on your blog. The more traffic you get, more are the chances that you can earn $ in four figures in a single month. So what are you waiting for? Go and launch your general blog where you can earn money by focusing profitable and rank able keywords and you can also write about things you love.