Surgery Disaster Cases in Bollywood



The rise of popularity for plastic surgery can be attributed to the media especially when they feature known celebrities. They would either admire or criticize how these celebrities would look. Though they can be a little harsher, it somehow drove some celebrities to be more conscious of how they look. As a result, insecurities would kick in. They would feel that they are too fat, too skinny, and too old and has lots of wrinkles. They would also think that they would need bigger breasts, butts, and probably want to have pouting lips like Angelina Jolie. I mean, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change a certain aspect of yourself, especially with the help of professionals like Dr. Jarrod Little, where you know you’ll be in safe hands. But if you are doing it just to fit in with everyone else, maybe it is time to ask yourself if this is the right thing to do.

Because of its rising popularity, a lot of medical doctors had seen potential in earning bigger income by specializing in such field. As the demand for plastic surgery rises, so does a number of doctors who open a clinic that caters to such need. However, the market is so competitive that these doctors would not only contend for such services but the price as well. As a result, they would promise individuals that the procedure will just be as good as the ones that offered expensive surgeries. Individuals who are probably on a limited budget would often take the bait. This is why using a reputable surgeon with years of experience would be so desirable. Someone like Jeffrey Swail MD, who has a track record of successful patients would be sought after by people looking for cosmetic surgery. Ultimately, it will come down to how confident you feel in the Doctor when you have consultations to go through the procedure. Something to remember is that not all procedures, like rhinoplasty, need to involve surgery. A hooked nose can be corrected through non-surgical means by using dermal fillers. This method also means that results don’t have to last a life time.


On the other hand, there are also cases when though an individual can afford expensive surgery, the result did not come out as they expect. It could be that the doctors are not prepared for what might happen or they use cheaper products, or they are just inexperienced. Nevertheless, some of them would often take advantage of these insecurities and asks for a lot of money.

Celebrities have their fair share of plastic surgery gone bad. In India, there are a number of rising cases regarding Bollywood actresses who had experienced the horrible consequences of undergoing such surgery. Though it is not surprising as India is considered one of the biggest cosmetic surgery markets in Asia still no one would expect that such an incident could still happen. There were actresses that instead of enhancing their nose or their lips, they ended looking weird. One actress even experienced having a bloated nose after getting Rhinoplasty surgery. You can find more info on this valuable blog post – Plastic surgery gone wrong – The 75 worst plastic surgery stories ever

So instead of getting movie offers or endorsement, she ended up getting neither. The side effect of the surgery disfigured her face.

Often times a person never learns until they get to experience the effect of undergoing cosmetic surgery. It does not mean that just because one person had a successful procedure, you might also be the same. One can never be too sure. So instead of changing who you are, why not learn to love yourself and build up that confidence. Each individual is created beautiful. Don’t let the perception of other individuals change it for you.