What is 3D printing and how 3D Printers works

qidi tech i 3d printer

3D printing might be a new term for a lay man, but those who are in industry they are not only familiar with the term “3D Printing” but they also admit that 3d printing is a game changer, although many companies still go for the wide format printer as they’re just as reliable and impressive. However its an exciting time to be introducing the new and advanced 3D printing, you might have seen many designs and maps on a paper in 2D designs drawn with lines, but it is difficult to imagine a 3D design on a paper that shows the lenght, width and the height of a building or an object on a paper. But 3D printers makes this possible, the first step starts by forming 3D parts in layers by computer aided design called CAD with software Auto CAD.

qidi tech i 3d printer

After this the CAD design is exported in a standard tessellation language file called STL. Then this STL file is translated in triangulated vertices and surfaces and then this file is divided into hundreds or thousands of 2D layers. The 3D printer then uses these sliced files of hundreds of 2D layers to build a 3D (3 dimensional) object. This technology helps a lot in engineering projects to provide in depth details of manufacturing.

Qidi Tech I 3D Printer

If you are planning to buy a best home 3D printer then you can find many options available in the market as well as through online purchasing. But I will suggest you to go for Qidi Tech I 3d Printer if your budget is under $1000. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look around at a range of 3d printers and their 3d printer price range before committing. In this budget this is the best available option that will provide you fine result. This printer comes with fully metal structure and its weight is about 21kg. You will get this printer from China and you will also get the software copy from the manufacturer once you have received the printer. You just need to send an email and you will get the copy of software just in a couple of hours.


Physical dimensions of this beautiful printer are 18.3 x 12.6 x 14.76 inches and its output is maximum 313 cubic inches. Power cable, USB cable, filament tubes, 1 roll of painter’s tape, 1 roll of PLA filament, 4GB SD card and some more accessories comes with the package.

It is best practice to go through the instructions manual and some reviews about Qidi Tech I 3D printers before you operate this product for safety and best results.