How to Enhance Your Wifi Signals With A Repeater


Using a wifi router in a home or office is the basic need of the day. Usually in a home there are 3 to 4 different persons living in different room and the internet connection is installed in the main room which they all share. But when they have to use the internet in their own rooms then they can feel the problem of wifi weak signals. One explanation is that you’re not with the right internet provider. Consequentially, you should look at other internet companies. For example the internet Lincoln NE has a wide market of providers, making it imperative to research to find out what is best for you. As well as changing providers, another option to strengthen the signal may be to get a WIFI extender. It may be worth it to check out full reviews here, in the hopes of finding the best WIFI extenders to help improve the signal, no matter what room people may be in.

This problem is even worse if they live on different stories. Like I live in a double story house where internet connection is installed on the ground floor and my room is on the second floor and there is no wifi signals in my room so I can’t use the same internet connection in my room.


Now I have only two options, either I will apply for a new internet connection or I have to use a repeater to boost the signals of wifi to my room. Repeater itself is a router which can route the internet signals but there are few routers available in the market which can be used as a repeater as well. The function of a repeater is to take the signals from main wifi router and then give these signals extra power to cover more area. I am looking at reviews for the verizon signal booster, I think it may be able to solve my problem!


In this way a repeater first acts as an access point which gets wifi signal, for this purpose we need to install the repeater on a place where we can have at least 30-40% signal strength. It will be connected with the main router as an access point and then it will route the wifi signals further. The devices which comes in the range of repeater and not in the range of main router, will see the same SSID as the main router and they think that they are connected with the main router.

I have bought a TP Link repeater and installed it in a room on first floor where I can get the signals of main router. Then I connected the repeater with my laptop using a LAN cable. Then I access the repeater by entering the IP address provided by the repeater on the back of it. Then it opens the repeaters settings from where I clicked on quick setup and set the router on repeater mode. By setting the repeater mode it will detect the nearest wifi devices, from here I selected my own wifi name which I have installed on ground floor and enter the password for it. After entering the wifi password, my repeated connected to the main router and start routing the powerful signals further more.

Then I disconnected the router from my laptop and went to my own room and when I search for the available wifi devices, I found the main wifi router’s full signals in my room and I connected my laptop with that. In this way I am using the same internet connection without paying the extra fees. For more information on router’s and repeaters settings you can check 192.168.l.l or also you can check the manual guide available with your repeater or router device.