language learning app

Why you should prefer a language learning app for kids?


It is a well know fact that learning a new thing is quite a hectic job for kids as they don’t want to add an extra subject in their course. They are already fed up with their daily routine school work and then home work drills. In such a case adding another subject such as learning a new language is very difficult for kids, which is why companies such as Effortless English are so popular. With the advancements in technology, education sector is also trying to upgrade the education system for kids to make it more entertaining. Saying this though, education doesn’t just start at school. You can teach your kids a range of things at home. From showing them educational videos for kids on YouTube, to reading them stories daily, they will be able to learn something new everyday. You can never be too young/old to learn. They are introducing more activities in education process instead of just reading chapters from the book, like encouraging teachers to make a crossword puzzle to task their students with in class based on their current subject. Because they know that just reading, reading and reading can’t give the maximum output in fact little kids are fed up by sitting at one place and reading continuously.

language learning app

Considering this fact, different professors along with application developers tired to introduce language learning app for kids that can involve them in different activities on their smartphones and without reading text from books they can learn new languages without adding that as a subject in the course. This effort results into the creation of Zangu app which is developed by AITeachU and just released this month for iOS devices. Soon this app will be available for other platforms like Android and Windows mobiles.

This app is just like robots are teaching you different languages. There are various languages included in the application like Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi and many more. There are different activities and objectives included in the application along with two characters named as “AI” and “ZANGU”. These characters will interact with you, will help you out in improving your vocabulary without putting extra burden on kids mind. There is not a single character in this application, it will use latest techniques and artificial intelligence to teach you new languages every month. Kids from age of 4 years to 10 years can learn new languages every month or two.

This application is equally good for adults and for those who are familiar with a specific language but not fluent with that. However, adults may benefit from a more mature way of teaching; through a private tutor. is a company that offers lessons for anyone wishing to learn or improve in a particular language. The way you choose to learn a language all depends on the way that you benefit from being educated. So kids and adults can both use this language learning app to improve their skills and can talk like a native speaker.