What should I buy for reading, A tablet or an E-reader

ereader vs tablet

ereader vs tablet

What device should you buy if you want to read ebooks on that device? The simple answer would obviously be E-reader but sometimes it becomes a difficult choice when you might want to get something extra from your device. If you want to choose one device between a tablet or an e-reader then you should check what are your requirements, what is the main purpose and what is your budget. The first thing which you should look at is the money in your hand. Most of the e-readers can be purchased under $80 which is very heap price where as if you have to go for a tablet then you should have at least 150$ in your pocket to buy the best tablet for reading that doesn’t mean you should choose an e-reader as there are some really good tablets that won’t break the bank, trust me I’ve done my homework when it comes to finding the best cheap tablets.

If you are flexible in budget then you should make your choice as per your requirements and your use. Like for example if you need the device for reading all the day or you need to read ebooks for most of the day and there is no importance to read in color or to read with pictures and graphics then you should go for the ebook reader. But if you are not a regular reader and you prefer to have some infographic or charts and graphs along with book reading, and you also need the device so that your kids can also read their story books and comic books then buying a tablet would be a better choice for you.

If you have problems with your eyes and you need a screen that don’t effect your eyes in a bad way if you read an ebook for a few hours and you are okay with text books only then you don’t need to invest a big amount on tablets. But when you need the maximum out of your device and you want one device that can be used by the whole family for their daily routine works, if you need to use internet, want to watch videos or want to play games occasionally then you must spend some extra amount to buy a tablet that can provide you all features in one device.

For best tablet for reading you can go for Samsung or iPads or you can also go with Huawei tablets where as if you are confused about which kindle should i buy then you should go for Amazon or some other devices are also available from different providers. You can search about that on Google and can choose your preferred device in your budget.