The iPhone Lovers Want 5 inch Screen and Dual SIM Function in the Upcoming iPhone 6
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The iPhone Lovers Want 5 inch Screen and Dual SIM Function in the Upcoming iPhone 6


The iPhone is definitely the most popular brand in the Smartphone industry all over the world, but when we talk about the Asian markets, the iPhone is facing tough competition with the other major players in the market such as HTC, and Samsung. However, Apple can change the scenario by including some important features in their upcoming iPhone 6.

If Apple wants to increase their market share in emerging markets like Pakistan, and India, they have to understand the market sense and make some key changes in their future models.

In this stiff competition, where every day we can see a new Smartphone from the leading manufacturers, Apple has to survive by including all the key features in the iPhone 6.  Following are some of the important features that must be included in the upcoming upgrade of the iPhone:-

Extend the Screen Size up to 5 inches

One of the key demands of the users, and loyal customers is, to extend the screen size in the new model of iPhone. A few years back, the size of the screen was not as important as it is now. The main reason behind this is, people start using the internet and social media on their cell phones.

The touch screen is another reason that boosts the demand of large screens because it is hard to use the touch screen on the smaller screen. Whatever the reason is, it is time for the Apple to extend the screen size not less than 5 inches in the next upgrade of the iPhone. In the typical Asian market, large screen is extremely important in order to attract new users, as well as intact the current loyal customers.

Capable for Dual SIM Usage

A dual SIM function may not as important in the developed countries as in South Asia, and China. When Apple released iPhone 5, many of the leading brands were not included this feature in their top models, but times are changing, and today, all the major manufacturers are including this key function in their top models.

It is now time for the Apple to change the single SIM concept, and proceed to dual SIM accessibility in their future models of the iPhone. If you take a look at the other dual SIM smartphones in the market, you will see that recently, Samsung launched some of their top models with the dual SIM feature, including the Galaxy Note 3 Neo which costs Rs. 52,000. Besides that, Galaxy Grand 2 from Samsung is another leading Smartphone in the market that is available for Rs. 38,000. It is time for Apple to think over this if they are really concerned about the Asian market.